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The Space Between Heartbeats – Melissa Pearl (Read To Review)

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.

This book isn’t your classical contemporary novel. This isn’t even any random sappy romance novel. It’s a unique mixture of romance, reality and suspense, which hooks you to the story and keeps the pages turning. An astonishing self-discovery of the social ‘queenbee’ of the high-school, and a race against time to save the life of the person you love. This book, wow.

Nicole Tepper isn’t your average next-door girl. She’s cool, she’s famous, she has the perfect dresses and the perfect ‘friends’. Trying hard to overcome a secret which pulled her family apart, she manages to maintain this facade of popularity until the night. The night of the party, the night after which she wakes up and doesn’t seem to remember anything, the night after which which no one can see or hear her. Except, Dale Finnegan.

Stuck in a ghostly state, neither dead nor alive, Nicole and Dave try to save her dying body before it gets too late. Each fighting their own past, and coming to terms with their pain and who they really are. A gripping tale about how two people let go of who they are to become something better for each other. I started reading the book yesterday and haven’t been able to keep it down. It’s so very gripping.

The writing of the author is really fresh, and something I enjoyed. It wasn’t too bland, neither too descriptive nor too expressive. It was just the proper mix – short and crisp and yet manages to make you feel. I usually don’t appreciate writing which is not expressive and not even a little descriptive, but this book, even though it was neither expressive nor detailed, managed to I don’t know how hook my attention and captivate me. It’s clearly above the trash which a lot of contemporary authors write these days, but nowhere near to the kind of writing I usually appreciate.

The characterization is very natural and realistic. Initially, Nicole comes off as the typical high-school star, she has a perfect social status, the perfect boyfriend, gets invited to parties, keeps up with fashion trends, and always teasing/ragging the less popular kids. But the transition in her character – the revelation of her true self,  the self she had tried hard to hide – this change was breathless. Right from the beginning to end, the way she grows and becomes a better person is very heartwarming. Dale is someone you’ll like instantly. He’s sweet, considerate, and though constantly bullied by the popular kids, he has it in himself to fight for the people he cares about.

The story is amazing. The build-up is good, and all the elements add up well to form the book. Every aspect was well executed, though I wish the writing was better. Had the writing been more expressive, this book would’ve been top-notch material. However, I definitely do like the book as it is – it surely is worth a read!

Do I recommend this book : Yes

My rating : 3.5/5 stars


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