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The Distance Between Us – Kasie West (Review)

Title : The Distance Between Us

Author : Kasie West

Genre : Contemporary, YA, Romance

Rating : 3.5/5 stars

Cute. Fluffy. The perfect summer read.

Caymen has the rich kids all sized up. She thinks she knows all that is to know about them and does her best to avoid them. Herself coming from a poor family, and brought up by a single mother, her life seems to be an endless count of days spent looking over the doll store her mother and she owns. Until…in walks Alexander. Or, Xander. Rich, charming, flirty and devilishly handsome. The perfect example of the guys Caymen wants to stay away from. That first initial meet gives way to mild stirrings and stolen glances. Ooh. Xander keeps coming to meet her, his visits increasing in frequency and slowly turning into a habit. They spend time together, getting to know their dreams and fears and inner sides. In a relationship where money never seemed to cause a barrier, Caymen is shocked when suddenly a horrifying secret from the past reveals itself. Will Caymen’s biggest insecurity, money – end up stealing her happiness?


This book is so very fluffy. It was perfect for a light, easy, free read. There’s no tension, no analysis, not much thinking to be done, the story just flows by without any glitches. Even though the story is simple, it had me hooked. I started it this morning and completed it in the afternoon. It was just so good, the pages kept turning. Right from the beginning to the end, the author brings freshness into her writing. It’s not too bland, nor too detailed or descriptive, which in this case would have spoiled the book.

The characters are so very realistic and likeable. It’s like, they were made for the book. Xander’s cockiness and Caymen’s sarcasm often put me into fits of silent laughter. They were a nice pair to read about, not too sappy and yet so cute. I think the realism and the simplicity of the book really stood out for me. I’m glad the author didn’t try to turn this book into a highly-dramatic sob-story or something too serious and tragic to read. I”m glad she kept it simple, just like in our real lives, where simple people meet each other and fall in love.

All in all, this book was a very pretty read. (Yes, I just used the word pretty to describe a book)

Definitely recommended!

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