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It’s In His Touch – Shelly Alexander (Read To Review)

Received an ARC of this book from NetGalley.

Title : It’s In His Touch

Author : Shelly Alexander

Expected Publication : November 3rd, 2015



Angelique Barbetta, the best of the best lawyers, after a tough battle with breast cancer, goes to Red River valley for an easy case which she is sure to win. Intending to rip the small town apart, she goes to live there for three months as a clean break from her illness and get her back at her game. But, who knew that she would end up next door to Dr. Tall, Dark and Hot-some? A.k.a, Blake Holloway. Sexy, smart, young and extremely caring. Angelique is touched to find acceptance in his eyes, tenderness in his touch and a place in his heart. What happens when she slowly begins to warm up to this beautiful town with it’s lovely, homely people? And falling in love with Dr. Holloway? Can she set aside her personal feelings to help her professional life?


A good, simple, heart-warming story. Nothing too extraordinary, but enough to keep you hooked to the book. The ending bit went a bit downhill, because I feel that the fact that everything just sorted out in the end is a bit impractical and far-fetched but yet, I liked the story. Simple and sweet.

Pace and Length

The book is slow-paced, especially the bits where the protagonists think to themselves about all the various problems in their life (the impossibility of their relationship, the complexity of the case). I felt like all this thinking was way too much, like, they keep thinking the same thing again and again and again, and it gets annoying eventually. Length of the book was fine, I finished it in a couple of days, but I feel that all those introspection-al moments could be cut down.


Good, simple, fluid writing. A tad bit bland in some places, but that’s just in a few parts and overall, the author has managed to write something which will delight readers.


I just loved the two main characters. They are what kept me hooked to the book, and they carve out a place in your heart right from the beginning. Be it Blake’s empathy, or Angelique’s tough-girl armor, or the love with which Blake breaks down the walls around her heart – the entire journey was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their relationship. Well written!

My Rating : 3.5/5 stars


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