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A Fighting Chance – C.D. Taylor (Read To Review)

Received an eARC of this book from Pam on GoodReads.

Title : A Fighting Chance

Author : C.D. Taylor

Publication : 27th October, 2015

What seemed like a promising read turned out to be a major disappointment. The moment I read the words ‘military romance’ associated with the book, I became excited and asked for an ARC, so that I could review it. However, this book turned out to be another generic example of a trope which has become too over-used over the past few years and has sadly lost its glamour. And oh, by the way, it’s not military romance. Portraying the male lead as an ex-Marines officer does not magically turn the book into military romance.


Tyler Bradford, after being injured in the line of duty for the Marine Corp, returns home (Texas) to his sister and her husband’s home. However, on the way, he picks up Tiffany who is returning to Texas to get over some unfinished business. Sparks fly. They have sex. Problems arise. It gets sorted out in the end. Happily ever after. Believe me, the book is drier than my writing.

I’m so done with..

Sob stories. The traumatic event/s which occurred in the girl’s childhood due to which she’s broken and grown up with walls around her heart. Honestly, not every true love story has to have an ailing, broken female and a tough handsome male to heal her wounds. No. Stop resorting to the same trope, authors. It’s highly irritating how more and more authors think that portraying at least one of the characters with a horrifying past is going to attract more readers whereas all it does (at least to me) is make me sigh and think, “there we go again”. Sympathy is different, over-doing it is different. You bring in just a divorce, we’ll sympathize. But you bring in a abusive father, insensitive mother, cheating fiance and all sorts of other nonsense – you’re largely over-doing it. Sympathy is NOT the only way to make readers love your characters.

I’m so done with..

Casual sex turning into love without any proper portrayal of the process. I know it happens. Two people having ‘just sex’ can fall in love. But there has to be proper reasons, a proper process, a proper setting. It can’t happen just like that. Like, one day they’re busy having sex and the next day poof! They fall in love (?!) Bringing in sex may attract readers but this book is definitely not a love story or a ‘romance’.

Things I don’t really feel like commenting on because I know it’ll turn into a rant..

The writing is nothing special. It’s okayish material, barely touches you, but on the brighter side, doesn’t really put you off either. Characterization was probably, comparatively, the best aspect of the book. The past lives of the characters and the impact of past events on the present life is portrayed well enough.


I say, you can safely give this book a miss. There is nothing out-of-the-world in the book, nothing special, nothing you cannot bear to not read. It’s predictable, at best.

My Rating : 1/5

One last word…

I know a lot of people are probably feeling tempted to point out that maybe I just don’t like this genre and thus I don’t have the right to bash the book like this. But, truth is, I’m quite fond of this ‘new adult’ genre as well as the trope of casual sex turning into love. That it, if it’s well written and well executed. I’ve read quite a few books in this trope and enjoyed a handful of them too. Most recent would be Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and you can even read my review here. I found that book to be pretty amazing, though it’s based on the same theme as this book and is similar to this book in quite a few areas. Whereas one is an enjoyable, hooking read, the other qualifies as nothing.


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