A Late but Much-Needed Introduction

It’s been about a month since I began book blogging, and only a few days since I took it up seriously, updating every now and then and reviewing most books I read. It’s an amazing, amazing experience and the only regret I have is that I did not begin it sooner. However, the one thing I’ve missed is a proper introduction. So, here it goes – (Blogging 101’s Task 1)

I’m Anushka, a 16 year-old student living in India. I began reading at the age of 8 years, and haven’t been able to stay away from books since then. I’m reading all the time, and it’s just something as natural as breathing to me. I can’t think of a life without words and pages and fail to understand people who have an aversion to reading. It’s just how I’ve grown up, I guess.

I read all kinds of books, except for the genres of non-fiction and horror. Horror horrifies me and It by Stephen King was scary enough to push me away from this genre. My most-read genres are contemporary (YA and non-YA), fantasy, paranormal, romance and thriller.

Why did I start blogging? So, to be honest, there are two basic reasons why I created this book blog. One, I already have a life blog which I started about 7 months ago and I didn’t like to insert random bookish posts in that blog. I want that blog to be just what it is – a space for my personal musings and rants – and I feel that bookish posts somehow spoil the look of the blog. So, I decided to create a separate blog for books. Secondly, I wanted to write about the books I read, as reviews or short notes about what I liked or disliked in a book. A blog seemed a perfect platform to do the same so here I am! Apart from that, writing is a new-found passion and writing about books is an exciting, interesting task.

So! That was it for an introduction :) Thank you!


5 thoughts on “A Late but Much-Needed Introduction

  1. I love reading too. When I was a child i spent my summer holidays reading a novel a day. The public library was my favorite place. These days I don’t have the leisure for reading a book everyday, but still, whenever I can I read what is there. Blogs, newspapers, essays and of course thrillers, which I adore. I am sure you will create a wonderful blog here and it is so nice to meet others that understand the need to read.

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  2. May I ask about your ‘personal’ blog? Having just started blogging myself, I see that many people write about very personal experiences in their life, and it’s obviously liberating to them to write about it, which I understand. I’m confused however as to why anyone would want to share these details with others. I’m not trying to criticize anyone who does so, but to try and understand it better. I’m torn between making my own blog more personal, as I’d like to keep a diary of my own thoughts and musings, but I’m less confident about sharing it with the world. Good luck with your blog – I really enjoyed reading this.

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    1. I absolutely understand your point about how people can share personal details online. The thing is, a lot of it has to do with how one feels about writing and how writing is most often like a venting out or ‘freeing’ activity. Also, you can often find people online who understand and share your opinions/ideas/feelings. Lastly, since it’s your own blog, you choose how personal you want to get. For eg, my personal blog consists of short stories and a few rants, and I try not to get more personal than that. Have a look if you want : https://adarkworldinside.wordpress.com/
      Have fun blogging! Good luck :)

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