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Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover (Book Review)

Title : Maybe Someday

Author : Colleen Hoover

Number of pages : 385

Published : 18th March, 2014

A touching, somewhat dramatic love story of two people who are lucky enough to fall in love with each other, but unlucky enough to fall at the wrong time. This book was a heartfelt romance and though it definitely isn’t Colleen Hoover’s best book, it most surely is a good, good read.

Sydney, finding out that her boyfriend and best friend have been cheating on her, is left heartbroken and drenched on the porch of her house. Rescued by the hot, intriguing neighbor Ridge, she moves in into his house to live with him and his two room-mates, Bridgette and Warren. Ridge is the guitarist of his band, and Sydney soon starts helping him to write lyrics for his music. They both develop a strong, deep bond, writing and listening to music and sharing their love for it. They soon start developing feelings for each other, in spite of Ridge having a girlfriend and knowing that he could never leave her. But nor can he fight his feelings for Sydney. So, what happens to their love? Read Maybe Someday to find out.

I think the striking factor of this book is its unique story and the not-so-normal setting. Initially I felt that this book would be a regular instant-attraction kinda book, where the main characters immediately start having sex and then later on develop feelings. Thankfull, this was different and so much better than the instant-attraction trope. I love the fact that the author paid so much attention to the development of their relationship, from scratch to love, and how they start off as friends and slowly develop such a strong bond and strong feelings for each other. The entire relationship development as well as character development is beautifull written and exactly what I wanted.

I admit, I did have some problems accepting the fact that Ridge, for the majority of the book, is in love with two people, both Sydney and his girlfriend, Maggie. I find it difficult to relate to such things, but the entire situation is approached in a very realistic manner and I felt like I could very genuinely empathize with the characters.

The characters themselves were relatable, lovely characters and oh my god, Ridge. Ridge. Ridge, Ridge. Heart-wrenching, beautiful character. The writing is style is good, typical Colleen Hoover writing. Flawless and just the right amount of crispness and descriptive.

My Rating : 4/5 stars


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