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Every Day – David Levithan (Book Review)


I don’t know why YA contemporary is becoming more and more of such a bland genre, or maybe it is just me, but this book falls short of a lot of things. Ignoring the huge amount of love and praise this book has received, I choose to differ slightly. I do like this book, but there are so many things the book fails to do.

The story itself had potential. It talks of A, who inhabits a different body each day. Each day, every day, a new body, a new host. He has some basic rules for a life so different, not to interfere and not to bevome attached. Until the day he enters Justin’s body, and meets his girlfriend Rhiannon. Finally, he has found a person he wants to be with every day. But, for someone like A, is a particular future ever possible? Is even a particular life possible? Read Every Day to find out.

Like I said before, the story is good, and had a lot of potential. It’s different and if you think about it, it’ll almost manage to bring up sympathy in us. But how the author has handled it is what I had a problem with.

Firstly, the writing. It failed to connect. It failed to spark up literally anything close to sentiment. Except for the occasional few lines which make you reread them and think, there was absolutely nothing in the writing. Secondly, the direction the story took was ordinary, boring and disappointing. The entire concept was so different and interesting, but I feel that the author completely ruined it, and after a while, every part of the story became routine and mechanical.

The only saving grace is the ending. It’s largely unpredictable, and for the first time in the entire book, fills you with emotion. It’s not a perfect ending for the characters, but definitely a good ending for the book.

As for the characters, A is humble and modest and good, but the same old guy we see in every other book. Normal and ordinary, and what you expect most protagonists to be like. All other characters fail to make any impact, including Rhiannon.

So, overall, if YA contemporary is your cup of tea and this is your aboslute favorite genre and you can’t live without reading such books, you can safely pick up this book and expect to be mildly pleased. Otherwise, stay away.

My Rating : 2.5/5 stars


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