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The Graveyard Book – Neil Geiman (Book Review)

This is the story of ‘Bod’, short for Nobody Owens. The story of a boy who lost his family at the age of one, was the lone survivor in the murder and then raised up by ghosts in a graveyard. Kind-hearted, compassionate, caring ghosts who look to all his needs and raise him up as one of their own. Bod has his own fair share of adventures but what happens in his final adventure where he has to face his family’s murderer, Jack? Read The Graveyard Book to find out. 

Before I begin writing about this book…I need to say….you MUST read this!!!

Phew. Got that out. Now onto the actual review.

Neil Geiman. Neil Geiman. Neil. Ohmygosh. What have you done? No, I’m hardly overreadcting (okay maybe a tad bit) but oh my. This book. 

I’m not much of a fan of children’s literature. I know this book doesn’t fall under the category of ‘children’s’ but still, the book revolves around the life of a child and I’m not much of a fan of books like that either. Maybe it’s a recent thing in me, or maybe it’s always been there, but lately, most of the books I’ve been reading, whose main character is a child, I’ve hated. Take Anne of Green Gables, for example. It’s one of the most well-loved classics of all times, and ughhh, I couldn’t even complete it.

This book, revolves solely around a child and oh man, was I surprised when I got hooked right from the very first page. I usually get very bored with child stories, however well the book is written, and it’s not something I can help. But this book broke through those barriers and it wasn’t just ‘not-boring’, but interesting, exciting and very touching.

The writing is flawless, it flows; no glitches and just fits the mood of the book. Geiman’s blended fantasy with realism beautifully and I love the irnoy in the book. Ghosts being shown as kind and caring is an intelligent aspect, and I loved it! The characters are lovely, especially Bod, Mr. and Mrs. Owens and Silas. Silas reminded me SO much of Sirius Black that I couldn’t help but picture all of Silas and Bod’s conversations as Harry and Sirius. The characters, even though ghosts, are as humanly made up as possible and their sentiments touch you.

Overall, this book was amazing. I say, you should definitely give it a try!


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