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A Court of Thorns & Roses (ACOTAR#1) – Sarah J. Maas (Book Review)


Nineteen-year old Feyre kills a wolf in the forest near her home, only to later find out that it was no ordinary wolf. It was, in fact, a Faerie. Having broken a term of the Treaty between the mortals and the Fae, she is forced to leave her family and go reside with the High Lord in his estate in  the Fae land, Prythian. Though initially scared and unsure, Feyre’s heart slowly begins to warm up to the handsome, gentle Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court. As she finds herself drowning in the high love of an immortal, she slowly begins to realize that there are shadows which lurk behind this so-called bliss. Will she find her happily ever after? Read A Court of Thorns & Roses to find out.

I’m going to start off the review by saying that ACOTAR reminded me a lot of Twilight. Maybe not a lot, but definitely more than was necessary. We have a wimpy mortal human being (who does try to be Katniss Everdeen), an immortal creature who’s more than a hundred years old (a Fae, in this case), romance brewing up between the two, and the mortal rushing to save the immortal’s life (anyone remember the Volturi scene at the end of New Moon?) Also! We have a very Breaking Dawn-ish end. Guess I just spoiled it for you :P However, whatever Meyer managed to do in four books, Maas very well set the structure of in one single book, intricate and complete in itself. And this is where I tell you that all further comparisons between the two end, it’s just that since the resemblance between the two books is set in my mind, I couldn’t help bringing up the issue in this review. Peace.

ACOTAR is a fairytale retelling of The Beauty and the Beast, which you most probably know is very famous and well-loved among children and adults both. ACOTAR, as a retelling, follows the story-line, yet manages to come off as different which is commendable.

The setting and background of the story is very, very well-thought. The entire Fae history and the details blend well with the story and it’s interesting to read about them. The world Maas has created is enchanting. All the descriptions, vivid imagery will add to your imagination and leave you thrilled. Also, the Fae created by Maas is such a fascinating creature. Maybe its’s because I haven’t read any other Fae series (except Throne of Glass) or maybe because Maas indeed is an exceptionally well creator of stories, creatures, and characters.

And talking of characters, what is a YA fantasy novel without a male character to swoon about?? Yes, meet Tamlin, High Lord of the Spring Court of Prythian. Hereby declared the thief of my heart. (Wow, SO dramatic, Anushka.) I am a sucker for YA fantasy heroes, they’re like my guilty pleasures. Give me a male protagonist worth liking and I’ll read the next ten books in the series, regardless of the quality of the books. Tamlin is everything I needed for my next obsession.

Feyre started off as unimpressive but soon earned my respect, especially those last intense 100 pages. Lucien, Tamlin’s Emissary, is cocky, funny and downright adorable. Loyal and brave, a lot of his actions and words made up a few of my favorite scenes in the book.

And now, Rhysand. Dark, sinister, secretive and interesting, he’s the High Lord of the Night Court. He’s what most people call the ‘bad boy’, arrogant exterior and caring interior. I know a lot of people are crazy about Rhys and are already shipping Feyre and Rhys, but to me, the love triangle doesn’t exist. I fail to acknowledge Rhys as a may-be love interest of Feyre, because that DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Drugging her, humiliating her, and then being shipped with her ?!?!? No, you do not get it all, Rhys.

The most striking feature of the book is the romance, hands down. Even though the ending had intense action, I still re-read (yeah, I reread it already!) only the beautiful romantic bits. The character development as well as the relationship development, from awkwardness to friendship to trust to love, is so, so well done. Some of the scenes are heart-achingly beautiful and they make you smile, ladies.

The story hooks your attention (considering I read it in a day) and fails to disappoint. Maas’ writing is good, strong writing, and she’s definitely made it to my top favorite list.

Overall, judging just on the entertainment basis, I give this a 4.5/5 stars. 


Tamlin. Tamlin. 


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