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Archer’s Voice – Mia Sheridan (Book Review)


Everything is just being moulded into set boundaries and conventional story-lines. Authors are producing the same thing again and again, making minor changes, but essentioally the material remains the same. No one is breaking out of conventionalism, no is creating new; just churning out the same old thing. 

Anyway, this rant is not what makes up the review, and I’ll think of addressing this issue sometime later maybe. As of now, I’m writing the review of Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. 

The story follows the usual NA setting – two people with broken, disastrous pasts meet, connect, fall in love. Something from the past comes out to haunt them again but they make it through that and tadaaa! Happily ever after. Flashback to five years later, two kids and pregnant with another.

The only twist to this story is that Archer (male lead character) cannot speak – about which I was reminded about 99 times because Bree (female lead character) kept on saying that. Though I can still overlook the unoriginality of the story, what I really detested was the writing.

There are so many books which fall prey to the mess which happens when the writing spoils what could have been quite a good book. The writing is just plain stupid and lame. For a story as sensitive as this, where the male lead can’t speak and both characters are burdened with broken pasts, I expected the writing to be a bit more lyrical, and poetic or at least touching, if not anything. All Bree kept doing was keep on gushing about was how hot and beautiful and manly and beautiful and hot and beautiful and manly Archer was. Characterization was pretty okayish, nothing out of the ordinary and to be honest, Bree was annoying.

So overall, this was just a bad, bad book. Why did I waste my time?

Recommendation : Not at all

Rating : 1/5 stars


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