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All the Rage – Courtney Summers (Book Review0


Title : All the Rage

Author : Courtney Summers 

Rating : 4/5 stars

Genre : Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, YA

A stark, raw portrayal of how putting an end to life is not the only way to kill someone. How killing can often be of the mind, of the soul, and sometimes even both.The story follows Romy Grey, a high-schooler who was raped by Kellan Turner, the son of the sheriff of the town. Because he’s the son of the sheriff, no one believes her account of what happened that night, so much so, that she even begins to be bullied, traumatized, and mentally absued by people she used to call friends. Then suddenly, one night following a party, Romy’s ex bestfriend, Penny Young, the perfect girl of the town with whom everyone was in love with disappears, on the same night that Romy is drugged and abandoned on a deserted road in horrid condition. What is the connection? And what has happened to Penny? Read All the Rage to find out.

This book isn’t a good book. It’s a strong book, a powerful book even, but definitely not a good one. Not once throughout the book did I liked reading it, or felt good reading it. I just felt rage and desperation and pity and sympathy and soon I realized that what I was feeling was not just for Romy or the characters in the book, but for every other highschooler who goes through the same. This book makes you think about the real world, and in that lies the glory of the book. It’s brutal, but it’s real. 

The writing is honest and raw, without the allure of philosopy, or any kind of flatness. The writing connects to you, and makes youempathize with the horrors of such a life. The characters remind you of people in your own life, mostly the types of people you might have met in high school, they’re so real. The story itself isn’t that great, but the writing and the realness of the characters make the book compelling.

This book will definitely shake you up, and bring forth all unpleasant thoughts to your mind, but it’s an exhilarating, eye-opening read and definitely, a must read.


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