Bookish Pet Peeves

If you are a reader, you cannot help but have your own personal reading-related pet peeves – things which by default make you cringe or things you can’t stand. Below is a list of my personal bookish pet peeves – and these things include several things about reading, books, publishing etc.

1. Yellow spots/marks on old books.

IMG_20160317_123853  IMG_20160317_124044_BURST4

This book in the above picture is merely three-four years old, and already it has markings and scars (I call them) on its pages as well as its edges. Whereas I know that books can’t forever remain in their perfect, pristine condition, seeing these spots on my books sometimes is just unbearable.

Do you like your books perfect and clean with white spotless pages? Or are you someone who doesn’t mind a little less-than-perfect condition?

2. A spine cracked way too much.


A sixth grade obsession led to this, and now I cannot bear to look at the books. I do not mind spines breaking, but that has to be within a limit. That is what makes me yearn for hardcovers (if only they were cheaper) and those floppy paperbacks which no matter how much you bend them, do not develop a single crack!

3. Abnormal sizes of paperbacks

As an exclusive paperback reader, I like to have my books have the same height (though I do understand that paperbacks come with varied sizes. But some paperbacks are made in those really abnormal sizes, which neither fit in with the mass market paperbacks, nor with the average ones, and nor with the taller hardbacks. Ugh. They look bad on the shelf.

If you are a reader of paperbacks, which size(s) do you prefer?

4. Changing covers in the midst of a series

I think everyone will agree to this : when publishers change covers in the middle of a series, it’s annoying. Especially if the covers are good, I do not understand why one has to change covers all of a sudden? Like, why? Either change the cover of the entire series or do not change at all!

5. Small font.


I don’t know if others have this problem, but reading text written in small font can be very straining on the eye. And if I’m reading for pleasure, then I would NOT want to strain myself and end up with a headache. Small font is one of the major things which puts me off a book. I don’t mind reading a thick fat book, but small font? Nope.

6. A horrible, bad book (usually part of a series) ending with a cliffhanger.

Just to keep the readers attached to the series and get them to read the next book. (Glass Sword, hello.) I find it annoying when authors do this – like, they write an entire book which is really bad but they finish off with a cliffhanger so that readers don’t have an option but to continue.

Have you ever had to continue with a series you didn’t particularly enjoy but also couldn’t let go (because of annoying cliffhangers?)

7. Novellas

I do not venture into novellas. I just find them annoying, not that needful and a way for authors to make some more money. What with Veronica Roth writing Four (probably the only collection of novellas I’ve read, not a fan), every other author nowadays has begun writing novellas. Lunar Chronicles. Throne of Glass. Red Queen. Shatter Me. The Selection. Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Lux. Iron Fey. Delirium. You name a popular book series, and that series definitely has a bunch of novellas with it. Though I understand why authors may have the need to write them (to give more information about the world and characters in their series) and why readers like to read them, but every other series has a set of novellas? Nope, not a fan.

Do you read novellas? What are your favorite ones?

8. Same stories and characters crafted out in different ways.

By this time, I’ve read so many ‘similar books’ that I need some originality and creativity. The same stories and the same characters keep appearing with different names and backgrounds in most popular genres (YA, YA, YA, YA) and I’m just so tired. 


So those are the major bookish pet peeves I have, though I could not remember all of them while writing this post.

What are some of your pet peeves? Share them below!





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