What’s Wrong With New Adult?

[Please note that throughout the blog post, I’m specifically talking about New Adult ‘Contemporary’ genre.]

If you’ve looked through my book blog for a basic amount of time, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I’d tell you that I have a lot of issues with the new adult genre nowadays. Various of my Colleen Hoover book reviews begin with the very point that though I’m not a fan of the genre, I’m biased about her books and thus, usually, love them. And yes, I have issues with New Adult. And I’m here to briefly but crisply discuss them here today.

So what I did while thinking about this blog post is that jotted down a few things which I wanted to address, and all of them led to the one same point – generalization. Now, I’m not really looking at generalization here as its literal meaning, but for me, regarding this issue, the word means sticking to already written/established things, or basically – not being able to create/write something new or original. And please do note here that I’m not insinuating in any way about plagiarism, which is a different issue, but I’m just striking at the inability of authors to write original, different, creative books and instead, putting out the same old dish garnished differently.
I’ve read quite a few NA books to come to the conclusions posted below, and I’ve found these things in nearly each of them, thus I feel so strongly about this whole “issue”. I know there are exceptions out there, and feel free to post them in the comments below.


The romance is almost always steamy hot sex followed by heal each other’s wounds ending with a happily ever after. It’s just so typical. Like, some of the lines are so overused and stupid and funny. It’s unorignal romance, and the characters always fall in love in the same way.


Both are always good-looking, beautiful and unaware of their physical looks. Both of them always have a disturbed past, either involving a death of a family member or some kind of sexual abuse. And I’m not saying this to mock such events, I am aware that these things happen but not with everyone single person and thus reading these in every damn book is exhausting. Either one of them (mostly the guy) always has some dark kind of past and is hiding some secret about his life. Al-fucking-ways.
The guy is usually cocky and smart and dreamy and eerily, perfect. And oh, how come is he always good at sex? And I’m not even talking about the perfection of sex when you do it with someone you love, but even when the two have just like, random sex, it’s perfect and hot and amazing. Dafaq?
And the girl is always beautiful but unaware of all that. She talks about being hurt in the past and not trusting another relationship but voila! First thing she notices in the guy is how cute he is and sometimes even how amazing his abs are.

Outline of the story
The story constitutes 4 lines.
Girl and boy with sad pasts meet.
They are attracted and have sex or at the least, make out.
Some kind of problem crops up.
They resolve the issue and declare that they’ve fallen in love.
*random epilogue scene with 2 kids and another pregnancy*
*happily married couple with financial, emotional and every kind of stability*
This is literally the story of every other NA book. The only changes are in the type of sob story the characters have and the mysterious past (if there is any).
Some authors write this in an interesting way and readers enjoy it. Some authors very artistically bring up new professions to make their characters intriguing. But the basic outline remains the same.

Damaged Pasts
I’ve just one thing to say to authors who use this one feature : there are ways to make readers like your characters other than gaining their sympathy. Kindly use those other ways.

Okay this may not be there in every NA book ever but still it’s a thing I’m tired of seeing in this genre. Firstly, I don’t get how the characters always get a happy ending, no matter what. It’s very “cliche” to end books always on the happy note when sometimes it’s just not possible.


And here I feel I should end the discussion, or less I’ll get hate for the rest of my life :P But I stand strong in my views and am dying to read some fresh, original, creative story.



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