Intimidating TBR Pile Tag!

Technically speaking, according to me, no real booklover can ever have a ‘fixed’ TBR pile, with a finite number of books. I feel that TBR piles are infinite, and it doesn’t matter whether you have the book or not, but if you want  to read that book, it automatically makes it to the so-called ‘TBR pile’. And because there is no limit to the books I want to read, I don’t have a TBR pile, or rather, I have an infinite TBR pile.

But, for the sake of this tag, I’m just going to assume that a ‘TBR pile’ means all physical unread books wthich you own.

I’m going to admit straight up that I don’t mind having a big TBR pile, or, lots of unread books in my home. All those big BookTubers crying and cringing about having SO many unread books gets a tad bit annoying sometimes, because they behave as if having even 30-50 unread books is a bad thing, which according to me isn’t. Of course I totally judge those people who have hundreds of unread books in their house, but as per me, having under 50 physical unread books is nothing to ‘cry about’ or no such ‘shame’.

So, I’m not treating this tag as a ‘shame’ or as a warning for me to stop buying books, I’m merely doing this because it’s fun. I love having unread books around me, because it brings forth so many options when you’ve finished a book. I think having two or three unread books would absolutely suck, because once you’d finish a book, you’d have no other option but to start with one of those two books, or else go to a bookstore immediately (which is kind of a problem in the middle of the night).

I don’t own a lot of books, my parents were never the type to randomly take me to bookstores to buy a book, though they deeply love the fact that I love reading. It is only now that I’m smart enough to not spend my entire pocket money on food and useless stuff, and I’ve started putting aside money every month to buy books. I have a total of 142 books at my home, out of which 33 are  unread. I dedicatedely started buying books from July 2015 and from July 2015 to today, have bought a total of 53 books (which is huge for a person who never used to buy books for herself). I have a lot more books on my kindle, but for this tag, I’m considering only the unread books in my home. So, have fun! And I absolutely encourage you to join in on this tag :)

This tag was created by Lindsey Rey!



Name a book on your TBR pile you haven’t been able to finish. 

Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens.

I was gifted this book 8 (!!!) years ago and still haven’t finished it. I’ve tried reading it multiple times before, but something always keeps me from finishing. The farthest I’ve reached is around halfway through the book; I definitely do intend to read it one day. Just not anytime soon. I hopefully will read it before it completes 10 years in my house :P

Name a book on your TBR pile you just haven’t had the time to read. 

Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy

I bought this book in the very beginning of January, in fact this was the first book I purchased this year. Yet, I haven’t gotten around to read it, even though I’ve been meaning to for quite a while now.

Name a book on your TBR pile you haven’t read because it’s a sequel. 

Okay, this might come as a surprise, but there is no such book I haven’t read because it’s a sequel. (I did research quite a bit on GR to come to these conclusions below) :

=> If there is a book which I liked or loved and it has a sequel, I have already read it. (Yeah I’m more or less caught up with my series)

=> If there is a book which I liked or loved and it has a sequel, and I have not read the sequel, the only reason is that it’s sequel is not yet released. Example : Firebird trilogy, ACOTAR trilogy, The Raven King, The Rose and the Dagger etc.

=> If there is a sequel to a book I’ve read, but not read the sequel, it most definitely means I’ve given up on the series.

Name a book on your TBR pile you haven’t read because it’s brand new.

The Goldfinch – Donna Tart

It’s not my newest book, but still, it’s brand new – I bought it three weeks ago in this small heavily-stacked bookstore and it will most probably take me some time to get to this.

Name a book on your TBR pile by an author you’ve read previously but you didn’t really like.

Chanakya’s Chant – Ashwin Sanghi

I tried reading The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi before, but after struggling for about 3 months with it, I decided to give it up. I’ve tried reading Chanakya’s Chant thrice before, but I can’t. Just can’t. Been 3 years now.

Name a book on your TBR pile you’re not in a mood to read.

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

think I know what this book is about – a thriller about a book maybe? When I bought this book, I was really excited about this but now I’m in more of a cute fluffy read or some emotional ride. Not really want to read a mystery now.

Name a book on your TBR pile you haven’t read because it’s huge.

War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

It’s huge and the font is tiny. I actually think I made a mistake buying this, but on the other hand, I also feel the book is worth a shot. But I’m definitely not going to read it any time soon.

Name a book on your TBR pile you bought because of the cover and has subsequently got bad reviews.

See Me – Nicholas Sparks

Most N. Sparks books (barring a few) are not that highly-rated or well-loved (at least on GR). See Mee hasn’t received any extraordinary ratings but it was definitely a cover-buy and an author-buy (huge N Sparks fan!)

Name a book on your TBR pile you find the most intimidating.

A Brief History of Seven Killings – Marlon James

This won the Man Booker 2015 and that was the only reason I bought the book. Of course, it sounds really interesting and I feel like it’s an intensive in-depth book, but I’m slightly intimidated by the writing and the size of the book. Yet, can’t wait to try this out!




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