Why I End Up Hating Popular Novels

The list is long.

Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare

Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare

Maze Runner, James Dashner

Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard

Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan

The Rosie Project, Donn Tillman

The Time Traveller’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

Landline, Rainbow Rowell

Attachments, Rainbow Rowell

An Abundance of Katherines, John Green

Every Day, David Levithan



Over the last few years, it seems to me as if the more I read popular fiction, the more I end up disliking/hating/being disappointed with them. The books and series mentioned above are a majority of popular books I either hate or was disappointed by. And this is something which didn’t happen a lot before, but happens freqeuntly now.

I pick up a book, having heard about it from so many people, impressed by the reviews and raving it has received, and by the time I turn the last page (if even I get till there), I’m just left with one of three things,

  1. Hatred. If I absolutely disliked the book.
  2. Disappointment. If the book didn’t live up to any of my expectations.
  3. Impact-lessness. If the book didn’t have any impact on me.

And, frankly, this is annoying me. Because when you pick up a book expecting to be blown away by it, it’s kind of a sad situation if it doesn’t give you even a little bit of enjoyment. Which begs the question, why does it happen? I’ve narrowed all reasons down to two main points :

People’s crazy raving peaks our expectation : It’s a long accepted fact that the higher our expectations, the higher is the disappointment when the book can;t live up to our hopes. When a long-awaited book releases, BookTube, Tumblr, Instagram etc explode, and 99% of the people are talking about the same book. (Hello, Lady Midnight). As much as I consciously try to avoid knowing anything about the book, bits and pieces do enter my brain and soon my unconscious starts to slowly and steadily raise the level of expectation for the book. And so what happens is, when I open the book, my mind already has a formed set standard for the book, and even a mediocre or a less-disappointing story becomes the biggest disappointment ever because expectations.

Being pressurized to join the bandwagonAnother thing which I feel is a lead cause to disappointment is, being pressurised to like the book. I’ve felt it before, and it is only now that I have the courage and confidence to talk freely about popular books I dislike. But had this been three-four years ago? I would’ve hesitated to admit that I hated Percy Jackson. And why is that? Because there is this invisible pressure in the community to like the popular books, to join the bandwagons, and to rave about the books everyone is talking about. I think this pressue plays with our psychology and of course, when you’re pressurised to like a book, any chance there was of liking that book disappears.


So I feel that these two reasons are the major ones which mostly make me dislike popular books. Of course, there are a lot other popular novels which I love, but I feel like the reason for dislike can be centered around the two mentioned above.

What about you? Do you sometimes end up disliking popular books? If so, what do you feel is the reason?


11 thoughts on “Why I End Up Hating Popular Novels

  1. So much this! I have to jump onto your bandwagon here, because those are all books I couldn’t get into, although with Percy Jackson, I think I was just too old/the movie put me off. :( I also don’t think most of these are all that well written in comparison to other books that get way less hype.

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    1. Ohmygawd exactly my point. Most of these books aren’t written that well, as compared to other less hyped books. And for me, writing is of utmost importance. Even if a book doesn’t have an amazing story, the writing often saves it for me.
      And even I think that had I read Percy Jackson when I was younger, I would’ve enjoyed it :)


  2. I relate to this so much! I agree that a lot of it is the fact that when there’s so much attention surrounding a book, you expect that it’s going to be earth-shattering and life-changing. Instead, I’m often left feeling like the one person at the party who missed the joke.

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  3. I did like Percy Jackson well enough. As to the rest, all but the David Levithan (which I hadn’t really heard of) are on my Rejected-Researched list (i.e. books I decided not to try based on what I read about them). So I think you are quite justified in disliking them.

    I’ve discovered though that I have a subconscious prejudice against anything people rave about too much. I try to fight it though, since I don’t want to be one of those people who hate something just because everyone else loves it.

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    1. Even I have that kind of mindset…Whenever something gets too famous and blows up on the internet, I become a little wary of it. I do eventually end up reading it, but it’s a hesitant attempt mostly. The last few weeks which blew up the internet and I’m least interested in are Lady Midnight, Wink Poppy Midnight, Truthwitch and Passenger.

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  4. This speaks to me so much, I remember getting into arguments with people for ”just not getting it” when I said I didn’t like Twilight or the Hunger Games. Being called a contrarian and an attention seeker. Fandoms can be oppressive as hell. I’m glad that it has become more accepted to discuss the books or shows we didn’t like even if they have large fanbases and not be completely swamped. x


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