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Bookish Secrets

I got the idea of this post from Bingeing On Books which took me to Book Riot’s post on the same topic. I think it’s a fun thing to do so here it is!

While reading on my kindle, I always keep checking my pace. It’s like I have this incessant need to always keep looking which page/location I’m on, and how much % is over. And this is for no apparent reason, I always just do this every 5-7 pages. It makes me think that my brain is damaged or something :p

When I’m reading a classic/an important work of fiction, even if I hate it, I’ll force myself to read it. It’s like a torture I do to myself; I don’t allow myself to keep down or dnf classics/literary fiction novels. This has still reduced down now, now that I can appreciate that genre of literature in a better way. But when I was younger, say twelve or thirteen, I would pick up big books and even if I hated them, I would compel myself to finish. And this has actually led me to dislike a lot of books I may have liked had I read it later on at a more mature age. Like, even now that I’m sixteen, I’m sure the classics/literary fiction books I’m reading and loving, when I’ll read them at an older age, I’ll see them in a different light and love them differently. Anyway, some of the books I disliked due to this are : The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, The Inheritance of Loss by Arundhati Roy.

Sometimes, when I’m reading a BIG book (over 700 pgs) and if it’s not that good, I skim through it then Google the summary. This happens only in cases when the book is a brick and it’s boring or not that captivating. If I totally dislike it, then I probably dnf it but if I consider it worth reading, I’ll read it in a very casual, non-apprehensive way and then in the end, I’ll end up Googling it.

For me to not complete a series, I must have really hated/disliked it. I find it very difficult to give up a series. I can sooner dnf a book than a series. I just make myself read the entire thing in the hopes that the next, and the next, and so on, will get better. And if I haven’t completed a series within a reasonable time period, then 99% I disliked it too much.

I sometimes don’t read an amazing author’s other works. Sometimes if I read an amazing book, I’ll not read anything else by the author in fear that it won’t be as good as that book. It happened with Jojo Moyes. I read Me Before You in 2014 and I still haven’t and neither do I plan to, pick up anything else by the author.

If a sequel to the series comes out long after the other books, I give it a miss. Okay this is unreasonable but if a sequel comes out more than 1 year later of the previous book, then unless I’m extremely interested in the series, I give it a miss. In The Lunar Chronicles, I read Cress immediately after it was released, but Winter released more than one and a half year later and I’m just not interested. Same happened with the Lux series.

When I was younger, I used to give popular books which I disliked a higher rating . I said in a previous post that I used to have trouble admitting that I hated popular books, when I was younger. So, I gave them a higher rating, which is fake, but yeah. It’s different now when I know everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it was different when I was younger.

So that was it for my bookish secrets! (At least the ones which come to my mind right now. I may make a part two if I think of soemthing else!)

Share some of your bookish secrets! Have too many? Write your own post!

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