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Top Ten Tuesday : Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein, each week, a new topic is announced and bloggers participate in that and put up their own lists. Today’s topic is : Top Ten Bookish Delights

1. Seeing stacks/piles/collection of books or your bookshelfI know a lot of people mind the clutter (I do too if piles/stacks of books are getting in my way) but just the general feeling in me when I enter my room and see all the books around…it’s indescribable. I don’t own a proper bookshelf, part of my books are shelved above my study table and the rest are up on the loft but still, just looking at all the colorful books…it’s wonderful.

2. Smell of books : Be it old or new, I love smelling books. My friends think I’m crazy because sometimes when I’m talking to them and have a book in my hand, I’ll just randomly open the book and smell it and my friends look at me like I’ve lost it :P

3. That speechless feeling when you read something special in books : Albeit, it happens probably once in a blue moon, when you read something so special that you just can’t speak or think or even breathe for a while after reading it, but when that happens, being such a bookworm and spending so much time and money on reading – it all becomes worth it.

4. Falling in love with a character and being in love over the yearsWhile reading, I fall in love with a lot of characters. But then there are those characters which you don’t forget. 7, 8, 9 years after reading the book, and still when you hold on to a character, you know that’s special.

5. Collecting bookmarksCollecting different types of bookmarks is just too much fun!

6. That giddiness when the book you had been awaiting finally releasesIt’s a crazy feeling when you’ve been waiting for a book for nearly a year and it finally releases. Waiting for a book is painful, but the longer the wait, the longer the happiness when the book releases :P [THE RAVEN KING AND THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER RELEASED TODAY!!!!!!] Ok I’m done being crazy.

7. Book MailBook mail is the most exciting thing in this world. Even when I’m aware of what’s in the package, that whole process of opening the package and holding the book in your hands for the first time is priceless!

8. Going book-huntingEspecially when it’s in a used book store. Going to a book shop to look at piles and stacks and shelves filled with books is just one of those things I love for no reason at all.

What are your bookworm delights!?

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