A Change in Site Identity

I don’t want to do a long, serious write-up about the reasons why I decided to change the name of my site from The Novel-ish Blog to Going Through Books. Simply, because there isn’t any.

One of the reasons is because my site’s url is http://www.goingthroughbooks.wordpress.com and I have this feeling that a site’s url and the site’s identity should be somewhat similar, if not exactly the same. Also, Going Through Books sounds more casual whereas The Novel-ish Blog takes on a proffessional tone. And this blog is, after all, a fun, casual way of talking about the one thing I love. So I don’t want to attach any serious or business-like tone to it.

I’ve always meant to change the name, and today (being the first and free-est day of summer vacations) I decided to finally just get down to it and do it. I’m not perfectly happy with the header image but for now, it’ll do.

Thanks for reading!


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