In Retrospect, Twilight


So…this post is probably a surprise, because I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the Twilight books on my blog. Ever. And the reason why I’m throwing this post at you is because lately, I just read somewhere (I can’t remember where, for the life of me) that Twilight isn’t all that bad, and the writer of the blog went on to describe her thoughts on Twilight years after having read it, now. Which basically led me to write a post on this myself. (I’m sorry I cannot credit the blog I read; I simply can’t remember where I read it)

//This isn’t a hate post. This is an appreciation post where I give Twilight the credit of pulling me out of the middle grade world and pushing me into other genres. 

How long ago did I read the series? And what made me read it?

I think it was six years ago when I picked up the first book, though I kept re-reading the whole series for around two years after that, post which, I matured and simply forgot about the whole thing.

I first heard about the book from my best friend of that time, who used to bring the book to school and read it there because she didn’t want to read it in her home (we were in sixth grade at that time). One day, our Hindi teacher saw that book and immediately scolded her for reading that book, which was apparently ‘not for kids’. And that, obviously, piqued my interest and I came home and immediately went online to search the book. I somehow managed to get the copy in my hands (though I think that the first time I read it, it must have been in ebook format, but I honestly don’t remember clearly). And thus, there began my story. I read the series obsessively, once, twice, thrice, falling in love with the world and it’s characters and Edward Cullen. (Though I hated the ‘sparkling’ aspect :P)

What were my feelings about that book?

I was obsessed. Everything, literally everything about the world sucked me in. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, some of the pictures are still stuck to my cupboard, and I spent hours watching the movies on repeat. Yeah, obsessed.

And why, exactly?

Firstly, the whole forbidden factor. I wasn’t supposed to read those books, being a child, and yet I would hide them under covers, and wrap the books in brown paper – anything to read more of them. Secondly, Twilight is the first love story I’ve read. To an eleven year-old girl, reading such cheesy and romantic promises of ‘Forever’ was fascinating and enthralling. The eleven year-old didn’t know about ‘cliches’ at that time, didn’t know that such things only exist in books, and not in real life. So, of course it pulled me. Thirdly, Twilight was probably the first thing which got me thinking about real-life relationships. Before that, boys weren’t a concern for me. But after reading about Edward Cullen, oh my. 

I sometimes laugh at myself, thinking about how stupid and vain I was, but then, at eleven, I couldn’t have expected more of myself.

Then the social media came in…

I don’t know if you know this, but until a few months ago, I was very hesitant of expressing my opinion (especially the unpopular ones) online. When I was younger, I was downright scared to say anything which might go against the general opinion of people, so when things like ‘Twilight sucks’ got around, I emulated them. I too fit myself towards that general opinion, and soon my attitude towards Twilight completely changed (being a psychology student, I now understand how it happened). I too went along with the ‘I hate twilight’ opinion, and all it has made me realize is that it is wrong. 

I’m much more free now, of stating my opinion, and can easily say that ‘I hate Mortal Instruments’ or ‘I hate Percy Jackson’ which would probably infuriate fans but for me, it is the truth. So, it has to be said. I’ve never hated Twilight. 

What I feel for the series now

I don’t hate it. How could I hate the series which got me into obsessive reading? I know that the attitude change in my mind has happened long backa and that right now, I do dislike the series. But had social media and the general opinion of the people not come in, I might have still liked the series, if not loved. 

At this point, I dislike the series, mainly because I find it immature and silly. I’ve broadened my reading over these six years and have read enough variety to know that had I read Twilight now, I wouldn’t have liked it at all. I’m over that phase, where senseless love stories with the hero saving the day impress me; I yearn other things now.

But does that mean I bash the series? No, of course not. Just because my tastes have changed and matured, doesn’t mean that I start hating the series. I agree that had I read it now, I might not have enjoyed it at all, but reality is that I read it at a time when I loved it, and I’m never going to take all the credit away.

Looking back…

It was a good series. For an young teenager. I think to judge any book, we need to consider its target audience and though I know Twilight is targetted at YA readers, I think it suited me much more as an young teenager. I don’t hate this series. I don’t love or like it either. I respect this series for pushing me into a different kind of world.



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