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Top Ten Tuesday : Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein, each week, a new topic is announced and bloggers participate in that and put up their own lists. Today’s topic is Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed (less love, more love, complicated feelings, indifference, thought it was great in a genre until you became more well read in that genre etc.)

This is such a fantastic topic. As readers, I feel that as we expand our reading and read more , there are almost no chances that our opinions of books we read a while ago, remain the same. Opinions…may be the wrong word. Because a book I loved two years ago, it is highly possible that I still like the book, two years later. But I feel that the intensity and extent of my feelings over books definitely change with time. Apart from my top favorite books, with almost every other book, my feelings have become less intense and in some cases, have even completely changed. And, here I am sharing them with you today.

Note : Loads of popular novels in this list.

And the books are…


Did you guys really think I would write this post without including THIS book? Hah. Nope. I adored, obsessed, and crazed over Twilight by Stephenie Meyer when I read it.  I was eleven (or maybe, twelve?) and my eyes had read their first ever love story and my heart had received its fair share of much-needed teengae swoon. Needless to say, things changed, I grew up and I really dislike this series now. Looking back, it seems like a stupid, silly love story with too many flaws to be considered a ‘good’ book. I go into much more detail about my feelings for Twilight and how they have changed over the years in this post.


I can honestly never reasonably explain to you how my opinions about John Green changed overnight. Like, one day I was obsessing over him and quite truthfully believing to have found the best author and book in the world and the next day, I was like, ‘meh, okay, he’s a good author writing good books. NOTHING special.’ So yeah, that’s what happened with The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. When I had read it, I behaved as if I had found a gem, but having read way more YA contemporary since then, my opinions have changed and it is far from a gem. I do still love TFiOS, but that initial daze and obsession are far gone.


The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth was extremely famous. It still is. Has a 4.28 on GR, is well-loved by people and has been made into big movie and all. Yeah. Big deal. Thing is, I loved Divergent, was a tad bit disappointed Insurgent, and was displeased with Allegiant. Overall, I did love the trilogy but I’ve noticed, as time has passed, I don’t care about the books at all. I’ve read a lot of dystopian since then, so much so that I’m a little tired of that genre, but all this reading has just made me move on from Divergent and honestly, there is nothing in my heart for this trilogy.


The entire Lux series, consisting of Obsidian, Onyx, Opal and Origin (I didn’t bother to read Opposition) was amazing when I first read it, in 2014. I was crazy about it, it was sexy, and interesting, action-packed and I was so in love with the main lead. But, now that I look back, I laugh at my stupidity and childishness. I simply dislike the series now, it’s stupid and really, really bad. I just cannot bear the thought of ever reading it again. I never read the last book because the ending of the fourth book (in spite of the cliffhanger) was dumb.


I was not a fan of Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. At the time I read it, I was young and couldn’t appreciate it fully or understand its depth and seriousness. I took it as a light read and that ruined my perception of the book. Because with this book, if you don’t understand its depth, then you most probably won’t udnerstand it. I feel like now, I can appreciate it more and also understand and relate to it more. So yeah, this is one book which I actually have come to love more than when I first read it.


Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Isla and the Happily Ever After, all written by Stephanie Perkins, were books i flew through. They were cute, cheesy and light, time-pass reads. Howerver, I love them a lot less now. Because in spite of the fluff and the romance and the cuteness, the books, I realize now, were extremely silly. And I definitely don’t feel the same about the series any more.

So those were a few of the books I feel differently about!

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are your opinions on them?

28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

  1. I haven’t read Twilight and I never will, I just don’t like the story of it. I feel the same with TFIOS, I read John Green’s books back when I just started reading YA I loved them and thought they were the best books ever but now that I have read A LOT more contemporary books I realized they’re really not that special. John Green’s writing is still good though in my opinion. And I also get you with the Divergent Series, I also don’t care about the story anymore. I have forgotten a lot of details in the book, basically I just know that Tris died in the end haha. Great post btw! 😄

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  2. I relate to soooo many of these, omg. Definitely Anna. Like at the time I DID like them a lot, but honestly Etienne was so needy and all the cheating (I guess more emotionally cheating?) going on in that book was very disturbing. Plus did they actually get much of their super expensive schooling done?!? Hmph. XD And I’ve also got Divergent on my list too!! I still like it, but at the same time I feel “Meh” towards it. :/ I think the ending of Allegiant was brave and still awesome buuuuut…I DON’T KNOW. XD The series just lost its shininess! Here’s my TTT!

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  3. oooooh! I completely COMPLETELY agree with you when it comes to Twilight. I watched the movie about three times a day because I thought it was just SO ROMANTIC! The books two, they were everything.

    Thinking about it makes me gag now. It’s so sad, but it’s true. I even cringe thinking it used to be amazing. John Green too. SERIOUSLY!

    Lovely post!

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  4. Oooo, some differences of opinion this week. I still love the Divergent series (is it wierd to say that it’s the ending that makes it for me). I think that all the hype surrounding TFIOS made people think they liked it more than they actually did. This is why I hate “hype books”.
    Twilight made my list too. I liked it as a 13 year old, now I’m wondering if it’s taking up precious space on my bookshelf!

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    1. Haha even I’m debating selling my Twilight books, especially since they’re so worn out.
      And now that you’ve said it, I do feel that people loved TFioS all the more because of its hype.


  5. Great Top Ten! :D
    I can’t believe I forgot about the Fault In Our Stars…Or and John Green book I’ve read. Looking back, this book isn’t as great as everyone (including me) was acting like it is. Yes, it was a great story, but to me the writing wasn’t pure gold. :\
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

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  6. My opinion sometimes changes overnight too – I think for me it just means that my initial excitement has died down, leaving me with rational thought. :P

    But yeah! Divergent, Anna and Twilight are on my list too – they seem to be popular choices this week.

    Here’s my TTT, if you’re interested. :)

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  7. I think Divergent has a great concept, and that’s really what sold. I barely remember anything about Insurgent and I DNFed Allegiant early on because I hated the writing. So I’m not really going to be buying more of Roth’s books.

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    1. Yup the concept was good and at that time, I loved it a lot but like I said, I’m tired of dystopian now and it’s been so long since I read that series, and I just feel nothing for it anymore. Even I am not that interested in anything else by Roth. I *think* she has some new book coming out this year, but I’ll most probably give it a miss.


      1. She does have a new project, but I haven’t been paying attention to it primarily because I don’t love her writing. I think Divergent was great, especially for the time it came out, and I think the ending of the series was really bold (even if I didn’t read it). So I respect that. But she seems to be better with concepts than with execution of said concepts.

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        1. Yes definitely. Good with concepts but weak at execution, and even I loved divergent but insurgent was pretty much meh. Allegiant I completed only because I wanted to know how the series ended and even I was surprised (more than sad) by the end. Surprised that Roth could make that move, which indeed was bold.
          And yeah, even I haven’t been paying much attention to her new book. I think I read the title name somewhere, in some BEA video but can’t remember it


            1. Haha :D I didn’t watch allegiant (idk if it’s out either) and I dragged my friends (who had NO idea what divergent was) to watch Insurgent with me the day our 10th boards ended and we were all so fed up halfway through the movie 😥

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