General Life Update [Because…]


ALSO….I have to talk. About, um, school. Yeah.

(I don’t know how you do these life update thingies :/ What do you talk about?)


Because c’mon. School is my whole life rn. Coz any amount of nerdy sunglasses and “Books are my life!” dialogues ain’t gonna work coz reality is school is life *cries sadly*

12th grade sucks. The fact that my entire future *BIG EYES* depends on THIS ONE YEAR sucks. The fact that I’m scared as hell (yeah) sucks. The fact that studying for oncoming exams and completing a mile-long list of projects and having a moderate social life and having fun and reading and blogging don’t really coincide. Nope. Not at all.

My school life’s a mess, though I’ve recently started studying and trying my level best to get into the mode of ‘serious study’. I just don’t feel like economics right now so I got down to penning this random post :P But yeah, I am studying. Not as much as I should. Definitely not as much. But it’s happening and that’s all that matters at this point.

The oh-so-important ‘Social Life’

Guess what? The only social life I have is at school. *biggest tears looming up*. I am literally holed up into my home, and the only time I glance at non-television human beings apart from my family is when I go to school. For like, 3 hours. So I doubt that counts. But then again, I had never thought I’d have so much fun in this new school (I’m pretty much the epitome of unsocial) but things are working out and I have great friends and life is actually fun :D And, Instagram. Dramatic ‘DUH’.


Surprisingly, I’ve been hearing a lot of sufi lately. If you’re Indian (even if you’re not) and have heard A.R. Rahman’s Kun Faya Kun, then definitely check out this video. I’ve been obsessively listening to Patakkha Guddi from the movie Highway and just in general, listening to Bollywood songs. Selena Gomez’ Kill Em With Kindness had a cool message, and Send My Love by Adele had a disturbing video (but the song’s good!) I’ve become addicted to Better Place by Rachel Platten and am suddenly on a Fifth Harmony high (Work From Home and Write On Me). 


I rewatched The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch’s classic, and made my mom watch it too. She has finally gotten over her stereotypes regarding Hollywood movies :D I’m thinking of rewatching Spotlight tonight but (sigh) project work :/ As for movies I watched for the first time, I finally watched Captain America : Civil War last Sunday, which was amazing. Going to watch Te3n (transaltes to the word ‘three’) which is a Bollywood movie released today with a starcast I cannot skip watching together. Oh! Speaking of Bollywood, I also did watch Fan (first day first show :D) because SHAH RUKH KHAN!! And I loved the movie, judge me all you want :P

TV Shows

Game of Thrones has delivered (so far) a wonderful season, though it’s all building up to a major war. I can’t wait for that!! I finally finished Suits Season 4 and need to watch the 5th season before the 6th one premieres in July. Also, I started watching Breaking Bad (have only watched till episode 2) and so far, it’s nothing special (though I’m not giving up). And, the occasional FRIENDS.


My reading is going as expected, I can’t read anytime except for when I’m in school and before I go to sleep. The reason why I’ve read only 100 pages of Cinder in the last 10 days. Sigh. But! It’s okay. I don’t mind, I get that studies are more important :)

SO! That was my kinda weird (and stupid) random life update :D

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “General Life Update [Because…]

  1. 12th grade does suck. I’m doing CBSE too, to make things worse :3 Hahaha, totally judging you for liking Fan :P I wanna see Te3n but exams. :[ School is such a pain. You mentioned being on a Little Mix high, but both songs you mentioned are by Fifth Harmony :P I’m almost done with the first book in ASOIAF, it’s brilliant! With school, a social life, music, TV and movies to catch up on, it’s okay that you haven’t been reading as much. You have a lot on your plate. Hope you like Cinder, I loved it!

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    1. Oh right I noticed just now! It’s by Fifth Harmony :P Gosh that’s just an indication to how my mind just needs to REST :P I’m in ISC board, but I think it’s safe to say that regardless of the board, it all just sucks :/ I hope you enjoy the rest of the books in the ASOIAF series! And yeah I’m loving Cinder (I’m actually re-reading the whole series).

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  2. What a great post! I think it’s important to share what’s going on in your life. If your blog can’t be a place to do that, well, that’s ridiculous. It’s your blog.

    12th grade does suck, but as someone who recently got through it (by the skin of her teeth) I can 100% confirm that it can be done. Just letting you know, because there were some points where I wasn’t entirely sure it could, and I would have liked to have someone confirm it for me. :)

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