Top Ten Tuesday : Favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Moments!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein, each week, a new topic is announced and bloggers participate in that and put up their own lists. Today, however is FREEBIE WEEK – meaning, we can pick or choose our own topic! So, since Game of Thrones Season 6 finished a day ago with a bang of a finale, I thought, why not dedicate another post to this awesome, awesome show?! (Oh, and also, I might be on a GoT high because just three weeks ago, I posted Reasons I Love Game of Thrones (Book Series + TV Show) for another TTT. Check that out too!)

Needless to say, this post will contain SPOILERS. If you’re not caught up with the series, do NOT read it.


Apart from the first two moments, none of the other things in the list are in any order.

1. Jon’s return


Although this was highly predictable and expected, I’m sure every Jon Snow lover squealed internally as The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch took his first breath, minutes after Melisandre used her power to bring him back. I literally shouted at this scene — I was so freaking happy and excited. The second Ghost lifted his head, I couldn’t stop grinning and when Jon finally gasped – *happy dance*

2. Ramsay’s death


I’m sure most people let out a sigh of relief when the game turned in favor of the Starks, and Ramsay found himself in a tough spot surrounded by his own bloodthirsty hounds. A fitting end to our favorite villain on TV, and I shouldn’t say this, but a little (tiny) part of me regrets seeing him go because he’s taken all the excitement with him. But, however, Ramsay’s death was one of my top wishes for this season and I’m more than happy he’s dead at last.

 3. Lady Badass Amazing Mormont


She is totally my new favorite character. A little girl of ten stands her ground and manages to convince a whole army of men more than double her age. All her scenes were astounding. The actress did a tremendous job, and I’m totally in love with her.

4. Walder Frey no more


Walder Frey was a bastard, and Arya coming in to avenge her mother and brother’s death was fucking fantastic. This was another of my top wishes  for this season, and even though I was expecting this in the finale, Arya taking off that mask was a huge delicious surprise. 

5. A girl is finally Arya Stark


And while we’re on the topic of Arya, let’s talk about her amazingness. I know a lot of people hated how her story came out to be, but I personally loved it. I loved that she finally found herself and her identity, and got back in the game. I can’t wait for her to take revenge, cross people off her list, and get back to her family.

6. No longer in Mereen!


The relief I felt in the final scene of episode 10 was limitless. The Mother of Dragons is FINALLY moving out of Mereen and doing something. I cannot wait for her and Cersei’s face-off!

7. Cersei blowing off the Sept and our minds


This was probably the most ‘OMG’ moment in the entire season, when Cersei’s devious plan comes through and she kills SO MANY PEOPLE at one go. That entire scene had an amazing build-up, right from Cersei, Margery, Tommen and the High Sparrow getting dressed, to Pycelle getting butchered and that candle bursting into wildfire. And that background score 💙

8. Jaime and Brienne’s ship is sailing 


YASSSS. I know there are a lot of Tormund and Brienne shippers out there, but I personally feel Brienne and Jaime should get together. That scene in episode 8 where they bid each other farewell, knowing that next time they meet they might have to fight against each other was heartwarming. Mostly, Brienne brought out the good in Jaime so I just really want to see them together. (P. S. I love Tormund) 

9. Hodor.


The entire back story ofHodor’s mind being damaged was terrible and sad, and a huge shock. A beautifully shot scene where we say goodbye to the purest guy on the show, this episode and this entire story wrapped up extremely well.

11. Jon and Sansa’s reunion


It was a tiny scene, but it was well shot and very beautiful to watch. Jon and Sansa never were that close, but they’re family and a family that sticks together and endures. Beautiful scene 💙

12. The Vale riding in


I have to mention this. Even though this was expected, however, when I had completely lost hope of Jon’s army winning the Battle of Bastards, seeing the Valentines arrive was a HUGE relief. I couldn’t help but yell as they  rode in and destroyed Ramsay’s formation.

13. R+L=J


FINALLY. I have believed in this theory since a long, long time, and finally seeing it on screen did bring up all the feels. Also, the perfect scene when baby Jon opens his eyes and we see a closeup of Jon’s face and THAT BACKGROUND SCORE THO. 

14.King in the North 


When Lady Mormont gave her strong speech and convinced everyone to proclain Jon as the King in the North, my heart was singing with patriotism (I don’t even know why). It was such an emotional and satisfying scene, to think that they had gone through so much to finally get things in order, only to end up getting ready for a war again. Also, that scene when the stark banner was hung in Winterfell. ALL THE FEELS.


That was it! What were your favorite scenes of this season?


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