Top Ten Tuesday : Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/event hosted by The Broke and the Bookish wherein, each week, a new topic is announced and bloggers participate in that and put up their own lists. Today’s topic is “Ten Facts About Us (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)”

=> I sometimes pre-write reviews before finishing the book

Chill! Don’t freak out :D – all of my reviews are definitely honest. But sometimes, when I’ve been reading a book for way too long (say : more than 10 days) and if I’m more than 85% into the book, I (sometimes) pre-write part of the review (except for my feelings for the ending) and publish it once I’m done with the book. It basically helps me publish a review immediately after I’ve read it, and just helps save time :P

=> I keep checking my reading progress crazily when I read on the kindle

It’s this crazy thing in my head – especially if I’m reading a book I’m not particularly engrossed in – I frantically keep checking how much I’ve completed of the book.

=> I hate dog-earing my books

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to books – dog-earing pages. Yuck yuck yuck. If I don’t have a bookmark anywhere around, I’d rather remember the page number I stop reading at, than dog ear even a tiny bit of a page.

=> I hate lending books but I can’t say no to really close friends

Lending books sucks. I know I come off as selfish but the care and love with which I read my book – no one else does. Currently, I have about 8 books given out to friends and I’m not sure about 3 of them ever coming back. For reasons, which I won’t go into today. But even if the book does come back, it always comes back as old and battered and just not in the way it was before and I hate that.

=> I’m super-unsocial

To say that I’m an introvert is an understatement. I’m a talker when I’m among close friends and close family members – but apart from them, I pretty much like to be in my own world. I hate meeting new people and trying to make small talk, I’d much rather sit at home and do something else and just, stay away from the rest of the population. 

=> Blogging felt like a compulsion when I first started; now it’s different

When I first started book blogging, for the first 6-7 months, I thought it sucked. I posted about 4-5 posts per month, didn’t talk to anyone, and didn’t post anything other than book reviews. But thankfully, it’s all changed! Since the last (about) 3-4 months, blogging has become one of my favorite things in the world! I’m posting way more than what I used to in those initial stupid months, I’m interacting with more people – and it’s all an amazing, amazing thing. 

=> I’m crazy about ice-cream

You can wake me up at 3 in the night and present some ice cream in front of me and there’s a huge chance that I might not strangle you :P Ice cream is life – it’s probably my second favorite thing in this world *_*

=> I find it difficult to stop reading a book unless I finish the current chapter

Unless I’m in class and the teacher walks in and I have to shut the book, or any such emergency, I can’t stop reading before I reach the end of the chapter. It’s physically difficult for me.

=> I can sometimes act crazy and read a 600 page book in one sitting

It happens very rarely but sometimes it does and my mom officially declares me a crazy person when she sees me sitting in the same posture from evening to midnight and staring at the book without batting an eyelid.



16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : Facts About Me

  1. I ‘pre-write’ reviews too – except I’ve always thought it was just called ‘taking notes’, haha! I mean, I like to note down what I think of certain parts, and my memory’s usually strongest right when I’m actually reading the scene. :P

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    1. Even I too take notes while reading, which later becomes a part of the review. I usually list pros and cons of the book in my review, so once I’ve read enough to form an opinion on a particular aspect of the book (say, writing) I’ll form the paragraph and keep it ready to add to my review.


  2. I’m a dog-earer (eek)! But I also frantcially heck my progress when I’m reading on a kindle, it actually is a bad thing because I don’t like books that over slowly and it’s easier to see which these are when you do that!

    I’m a nightmare because I don’t write notes on a book unless it’s something that i super have to remember to mention in my review, so then I’m writing my reviews and I have to strain to remember things if I’m not writing it straight away!

    As I Darken

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