Top 5 Wednesday : Authors I Am Waiting on Another Book From

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme which is run in a Goodreads group and basically, every Wednesday a new topic is given and bloggers and booktubers and likewise, put up their ‘top 5’ list of that topic. A shorter, quicker version of Top Ten Tuesday!

Today’s topic is ‘Authors You Are Waiting on Another Book From‘ and I usually don’t do this meme, but this topic got me really interested and there’s actually one author I am waiting for since forever so I thought I might as well post this. Especially, since I missed yesterday’s TTT too, this one seemed exciting!

5. Rainbow Rowell

Specifically, I really want another YA Contemporary from Rainbow Rowell. I really disliked both her adult novels, and Carry On never interested me enough. I really want her to write some more YA (especially contemporary) because Eleanor and Park and Fangirl are two of my favorite YA contemp novels. I’d really like to read something moving and quirky like E&P or something relatable and cute like Fangirl!

4. Stephenie Meyer

All you Twilight haters, calm yourself :D It’s been ages since she came out with anything, and I heard somewhere that maybe she’s writing a new book? (I hope so!) I really like Meyer’s writing, and she totally surpassed herself with The Host, which was absolutely amazing. I too dislike Twilight now, but we cannot overlook the hand and contribution Twilight has had in making contemporary YA fantasy a ‘thing’ and developing the paranormal romance genre. So, kudos to that. I would be really interested in anything else she writes.

3. Maggie Stiefvater

After being completely thrilled and enchanted by The Raven Cycle (which now is my favorite YA fantasy series), I would love to read something else by her! I so want her to write  more books! [Also, anyone heard the news of the new trilogy she’s apparently going to write, CENTERED AROUND RONAN!!!] *GASPS* *STUTTERS* ME ME ME!! Give the book to me :D

2. George R. R. Martin

Though by now everyone’s pretty sure that the sixth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series is releasing next year, yet, how long?? I simply cannot wait. Though the sixth season was fantastic enough, I really want to get my hands on the new book. It’s high time, and I need more books by him!!

And finally…

1. Khaled Hosseini

After publishing And the Mountains Echoed in in 2013, he completely disappeared. Like, poof. I have heard absolutely nothing about him writing another book, or even thinking of writing one. And it KILLS ME. Seriously, I would give anything to get my hands on another book of his. Anything to even make him write another one, which doesn’t seem all that likely now. And when your favorite author stops coming out with books? It’s a bad world, man.

So that was my short, short list about the authors whose books I really want to read!

Share some of the authors YOU are awaiting their next books on..


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday : Authors I Am Waiting on Another Book From

  1. I actually really liked The Host! I like to think of Twilight as the arrogance and foolishness of a first-time published author (I read somewhere that she refused to let editors make changes to the book unless it had to do with spelling errors?)

    I’d also love to read more YA contemp from Rainbow Rowell. E&P was my favorite!

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    1. I really did not like how the love developed in Attachments – it felt so fake and centered on attraction and it pissed me off that they started calling it ‘true love’ by the end of the book. I picked up Landline by RR and put it down halfway. Couldn’t really get into the concept. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Attachments when you pick it up again! And thanks :)

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