7 Random (Kinda Shocking) Bookish (and non-Bookish) Facts About Me!

I did something of this sort before, once as a tag and once for a Top Ten Tuesday and I remember both of those posts being so much fun! This time however, I’m not doing this as a part of a tag/meme, instead this is just me randomly trying to bore you to death about my not-so-interesting life. Read on!

1) I read Harry Potter after I read the Twilight Saga

Yep yep. Get your hate mail ready :D But come on, Twilight pushed me out of the world of children’s  books and into other stuff around. I had vaguely heard of Harry Potter when I was in my children’s-books mode, and I was least interested in the movies. BUT. Fun fact. I watched the Twilight movies, and like every other eleven year-old girl (okay maybe not every other) fell in love with Robert Pattinson. I then watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because Cedric Diggory (Robert Pattinson played that role). And! I loved the movie; so I immediately went to the library and rented out the books and read them all in one go and bam! Love happened. I’m so glad for whatever made me pick up the series, because I wonder what life would have been without it.


2) I’ve never read the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

This series is a really big thing, especially on booktube, and everytime I see some booktuber talking about reading/rereading/hauling these books, I always wonder what I might have missed in my childhood. Like, my childhood solely comprised Enid Blyton. Then later on I did move on to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and all of such books, but I had never even heard of this series. Now that I’m older, I don’t think I can read a 13-book middle-grade series, I just don’t have it in me and I don’t want to read the books and ruin my experience with them.

3) I’m not the hugest fan of DDLJ

DDLJ – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (Bollywood movie)


Okay, story time. This movie (DDLJ) was a big hit. And by those words, I don’t mean your general superhero franchise which releases one movie every year and stirs up everything else. Nope. This movie was even bigger than that. Why? And how do I know that? Because, this movie kept playing in a theatre in Mumbai 20 years since its release. In fact, Maratha Mandir (that theatre) played this movie for the last time ever on theatre sometime last year, which was this movie’s 20th anniversary. Yep. It is the longest-running film in Indian cinema, having run for 20 DAMN YEARS. Best described, this movie is India’s definitive romance, and created a whole new generation of rom-com movies. Hmm.

And? I’m actually not the hugest fan of this movie. There. I said it online :P Just two days ago, I admitted this in front of my friends and they pretty much went crazy about how I could not love this movie. Well, I do love the movie. I appreciate it, I can see how it ‘defines’ Bollywood romance, and I can see how it started a new era of films. But, is it the best Bollywood film? Nope. I don’t think so, and fact is, even though it’s been 21 years, a lot of people still consider it the best movie/one of the bests. I don’t  love this enough to consdier it one of the best, and I think there tons of better Bollywood movies out there. But yeah, still, it’s good film. But all that hype? And 20 years? Why?? Also, another fun and astonishing fact : I’ve lived in Mumbai for the 17 years of my life and haven’t ever gotten the chance to actually go to that theatre and watch the movie there. Which is kinda sad.

4) I don’t have any childhood best-friend

Saddest story of my life :P Well, I do ofc have chidlhood friends, but when I look at people who have been the bestest of friends for the last like, 16 or 17 years, I can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. I mean, I don’t have one! I have best friends, but the longest I know any of them is probably 4 years, and I do have a few childhood friends too, who are still my friends, but none of them are probably sleepover-buddies or BFFs.

5) I’m don’t really like most of the ‘big’ booktubers

Please hear me out before throwing stones at me okay? :D I love booktube, watching videos is so much fun (and time-consuming and I feel like I have to block YouTube from my laptop if I want to pass my boards with my head held high). But lately, I’ve been obsessively watching smaller booktubers. Well, not exactly ‘small’ because I don’t consider any of them any less consequential or amazing than the bigger accounts out there – but yeah, watching their videos has made me realize how I’m no more a fan of the ‘bigger’ booktube accounts. I don’t like their content anymore, and that’s the most I’m going to say (or this post will get way too controversial). However! There is only and ONLY one ‘big’ booktuber I absolutely, aboslutely love watching videos of – jessethereader. Yeah he’s amazing.

6) I don’t pay attention to the physical characteristics of characters when I read books.

Apart from exceptions, (like I noticed how Eleanor from Eleanor and Park has red, curly hair) – I hardly pay any attention to the physcial traits of a character. I read those parts in the book, but I hardly retain the details, mainly because I don’t find the physical traits important enough, and also because I like to imagine how a character looks according to what his nature is in the book. I know. Weird. But it’s a habit. For example, I was reading about all the hate SJM has been receiving on Twitter (I’m not on Twitter, so I found out through something else) and then I moved on to the Goodreads page of Empire of Storms, and I started thinking about Rowan and Aelin and this is how I’ve always pictured Rowan (even though he has different physical traits) :


Yah. He’s the character Garrett from Breaking Dawn and he’s been stuck in my head as Rowan for so long.

7) I don’t really like Monica (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

*gasps of shock* yeah. I’m not the hugest fan of Monica. I’m a huge fan of the TV show, it’s probably my second or third favorite TV show, and I love the entire cast of characters but somehow, in spite of watching her grow and develop over the ten years, I never could warm up to Monica. I do love Courtney Cox and what a wonderful actress she is, I did laugh at Monica’s jokes, I loved her relationship with Chandler, her friendship with Rachel, and her bond with Ross, but singularly, as an individual – I just got really annoyed by her.


So that was it for my list of random facts about me! Hope you had fun reading this post :)

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