General Life Update

It’s time to talk about L-I-F-E. Which basically sucks, but oh well.

Hi everyone! How are you all? I figured that I don’t talk much about my life in here and even though most people might not be that interested, I still like it when bloggers share their life updates and general things once in a while, and take a break from bookblogging. So I thought I’d talk (whine) about the various things (studies, studies and studies) going on in my life, and bore you guys with some random, unimportant talks.


Ofc I had to start with the worst. My exams start from Monday, and the syllabus is basically crushing us. Thanks to the Ganpati festival, we had a week-long (actually, more than a week) mini-vacation, and pretty much each of us were banking on this holiday for studying so much that we ace these exams. What happened was, even though the week started out just fine and I studied quite a lot for the first five-ish days, I reached my saturation point soon. From Saturday onwards, I’m just not into it. My head aches when I think of studying, and all that is left to revise. At this point, even though I know everything in my syllabus, I’m not perfect at a single one.

Maths has basically f**ked my mind, economics is the only thing I’m reasonably confident about, Accounting is fine , I guess. Psychology seems so much more tedious now (so much) and I’ve basically given up on English – perks of not studying a subject the entire time and knowing that the last 4 days isn’t going to help. Nevertheless, I’m actually looking forward to the exams, the sooner it comes – the sooner it is over.

What I’ve Been Reading

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Wrecked is absolutely fascinating – it is thrilling and impactful and quite honestly, parts of it gave me goosebumps. I’m a little over 50% in, and i hope the latter part of the book lives up to the level set by the 1st part. Before We Visit the Goddess is another gem, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this beautiful, quick read. I completed reading Listen just today, and will be putting up a review in the next two days (hopefully). I enjoyed this paranormal book, but I think I’m moving on from this genre – I didn’t find the pleasure in this book which I used to find in my paranormal reads three-four years ago. Finally, I started with A Tale of Two Cities just today. I still don’t know whether I’m going to continue, because I picked this up just to try out the first chapter and the writing style – but let’s hope that I do.


I haven’t listened to a lot of new (English) music recently, and am stuck between Don’t You Need Somebody (RedOne) and Cheap Thrills (Sia). [Some recommendations would be fantastic!] The title track of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was released a week ago and just like most others, I’m already addicted. I cannot wait for the movie. Come fast, Diwali.

Movies and TV Shows

Me and one of my friends went and watched Baar Baar Dekho two days ago. ‘Freeing exam stress’ – we called it. The movie didn’t make its mark but the lunch date did, and I’m glad we took some time off of studying and made this happen. I haven’t watched anything else – I just don’t have the time. As for TV shows, I stopped watching Orphan Black at Season 4 episode 2, because I simply cannot follow what’s going on. [Fact : I had a habit of doing math while watching Orphan Black, and both maths and Orphan Black are pretty complicated, and the better part of my concentration was always on maths. The result : I simply don’t understand what’s happening now.] I’ll rewatch it later on. I didn’t watch the last episode of Suits (didn’t have time) and now we’re going to have the next episode! I need to catch up :/ The only thing I’m watching now is Friends – for the umpteenth time. It’s a huge buffer against stress, and works all the time.

So that was it for my general update! How are you guys doing? 


9 thoughts on “General Life Update

  1. I’m not a massive Dickens fan, which I feel bad saying as I have an English degree and surely I should love Dickens, but honestly I can say A Tale of Two Cities is a really great book. Dickens’ novels can be quite wordy and can drag (I’ve tried three times to finish Great Expectations and haven’t been able to) but A Tale of Two Cities has such an intriguing plot and cast of characters, and I think the writing moves at a slightly quicker pace compared to some of his other works. So I would definitely recommend it and hope you manage to finish it!


    1. Yes I do hope I love this book, I bought it with a lot of expectations for enjoying it. And yep, he is quite wordy, that was evident from the very first chapter, but hopefully my experience with this book is different from Oliver Twist (which I’ve tried reading 4-5 times but haven’t completed).

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