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Listen (Earthen Witch #3) – Sarah Doughty (Book Review)

//An eARC of this book was provided to me by the author. That in no ways affects my opinion of this book.


Title : Listen

Series : Earthen Witch #3

Author : Sarah Doughty

Genre : YA, Paranormal romance

Releasing on : October 3rd, 2016


Goodreads summary :

When vampires Liam and Jon go missing, it’s up to Aisling Green and her friends to find them, but doing so and surviving what awaits won’t be easy.

Battling against things she cannot fight isn’t something Earthen witch Aisling Green is used to, but she must act quickly and outsmart the one that wants her dead and save the lives of her friends before it’s too late.

As they follow the trail, they rescue a most unlikely person, and uncover a deeper, more sinister plot. With the lives of the two vampires on the line, they must fight for their lives, try to rescue their friends, and stop the evil plans. In the face of so much danger and uncertainty, they are forced to go to war and make a discovery that will change everything. The question then becomes at what price will they be forced to pay to survive?

Reading this book was the reality check I needed, that – I no longer enjoy paranormal anymore. I can see myself two-three years ago, curling up in bed with this book and relishing the story and the adventures of the characters, but now? Not so much. I did enjoy the book, but it did not really have much of an impact or impression on my mind. Am I going to ever reread this? Nope. Am I going to remember and cherish this book for forever? Again, probably not. But was this book a fun little escape/diversion from real life? Yes. Was the reading experience good? Yeah, pretty much.

For hardcore paranormal lovers, who’ve read and enjoyed a lot of this genre, this book will probably hold nothing new for you, and doesn’t really have any incentive for you to pick it up. But for readers who are starting out with this genre, or who are interested in paranormal, this book is a good choice to begin your journey!

Now, before I begin my actual review of the book, I’d like to commend the author for writing the third book in the series in such a way, that me not reading the first two books had hardly any effect on my reading. Of course, I do feel that had I read the first two books, I would’ve connected with the characters much more but Sarah has made the third book completely understandable, and I hardly had any problems while reading it.

As for the actual story of the book, it’s a continuation from the first two books, and it touches upon a lot of aspects. There’s romance, there’s adventure, family bonding and the plot keeps moving forward, though I felt it’s a bit too hurried at times. It doesn’t stress enough on some things, and I think the plotline was too rushed up at some places.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing, and the phrase ‘my mate’ kept popping up everywhere which really annoyed me sometimes. The MC keeps referring to her mate as her mate every single time, and I just really disliked it because I didn’t need a reminder of that every single time. 

As for characters, they’re really generic main characters. I really like the concept of Vlad (the real Dracula from Bram Stoker’s novel), I thought that was super-cool, and overall he was probably my favorite character. The other characters were good characters, but were they anything unique or different? Not at all.

Overall, this was enjoyable, but I don’t think I got anything from this read. Sure, it was fun but at the same time, it left me thinking that I’m way too old for books of this genre or this type. Like I said before, if you’re starting out with paranormal genre, definitely pick up this series! However, for those who are well-versed with this genre, this probably doesn’t hold anything new.

My Rating

3/5 stars


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