Pokemon Go Book Tag


Disclaimer:  Pokemon Go belongs to Niantic and Nintendo, please don’t sue me.

This tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight

Technically, Pokemon Go wasn’t officially released in India but it was still available online so within days of its release (worldwide) people here too started downloading it and the addiction is legit. I strongly resisted downloading it initially, but gave in later and this fun, silly little game got to me too! However, in my defence, I did delete a few weeks later and don’t play it anymore :P


Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series got me into reading books, whereas Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga got me into moving on from children’s books and embracing the other amazing genres out there. I’ll be forever thankful to both these series : (Famous Five) for getting me into reading and (Twilight) for making me an addict.


Probably Harry Potter. It’s an iconic classic, and I doubt that it will ever become ‘too old’  or ‘cliche’. In fact, I wonder how 50 years down the line, where the Harry Potter madness will be at. Will it be crazier? Will it change in any way? No matter what, it will never die down.



I had to think for this one really hard, because usually things like hype and a book being everywhere doesn’t affect my interest in it, however one such book would be : Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I was kinda interested in it before its release, but then slowly lost my interest and never got around to reading it.



Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi has a lot of tropes, but it’s still one of my favorite YA fantasy series :P I love these books, but I do accept that they have their fair share of faults. Be it the classic love traingle trope, or the shifting love interests one, or the bad boy actually being a good boy, this book is abound with things which would normally infuriate me, but somehow I just love this.


The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. These books are big. They’re huge, and I honestly don’t know when I’m ever going to get to this series. It’s historical fiction, which I absolutely love, but somehow the size really, really intimidates me.


The last book which kept me up all night was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. And I read that two years ago. Yep. I haven’t stayed awake for a book since two damn years. And that’s not because I don’t read amazing books, it’s because I value my sleep, and when I stay awake at night the morning after in class I usually have to pay for my stupidity. I do stay awake later than I should reading books, but I try to avoid staying up all night.


Honestly, I don’t think I have any OTPs. I don’t know, I can’t think of any pair which I would call as my ultimate OTP; I’ve started to feel all that is a bit kiddish now :P I mean, I do love certain pairs, and I do hope certain people end up with certain others when I read books, but OTP? Uhmmmm no I don’t think so.



Most Colleen Hoover books are one-sitting reads for me, they’re super fast and hot. Even the Sarah J Maas books are super fast reads – they look big, but once you start reading them, it’s difficult to put them down.


I think I’d be super tired if a series kept producing spin-offs, but just for the sake of an answer : Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo . I would love spin-offs to this duology.


Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. I had heard bad reveiws about this series, but suprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It may not be the best out there, but I still really, really enjoyed reading it.


The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. It is super-hyped, but I’ve been wanting to read some adult fantasy since ages. I’ve heard way too many good things about this, and cannot wait to read it.


All the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen Vintage Classics editions. I really love the Penguin English Library editions too, the spines and covers so pretty. Also, this edition of Fangirl? GIVE THIS TO ME!!


The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. I think the concept of the book is interesting, and I’d love to give it a try!


Hands down, Khaled Hosseini. [If you’re new to my blog, you probably don’t know how much I gush about him, but yeah, basically, Hosseini is my all-time favorite author.]


I’m tempted to answer this with Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, but that would actually be a lie. I read Six of Crows a few weeks ago, and even though it feels like forever, it hardly is. The real answer, though, is The Winds of Winter (ASOIAF#6) by Georgre R.R. Martin. It’s really been forever.

So that was it for this fun little tag! I had so much fun doing this tag. Join in!


4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. Hey, this is such a cute book tag! (Considering I love Pokemon Go and am still playing it, actually….) Mind if I do it? :D

    Regarding OTPs, I think its meaning has evolved to be more of pairings that you like, rather than an “ultimate OTP” as you said. Like I’ve heard tons of people refer to OTP in the plural. :P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes of course go ahead and do it! Please do tag the creator though :)
      I know that a lot of people have been using OTP in a plural sense, but I don’t I still couldn’t think of a single pair. If I had to answer the question, I would’ve had to mention every single pair I love, because there is no pair couple which I love more than the other. It’s all the same to me I guess 😅


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