Most Hated Tropes (Part 1)

Most hated tropes are probably one of my favorite type of lists to read/videos to watch. Basically, I just love anything ranty because it just makes everything so much more exciting :P So now that it’s been almost an year (!!!) since I started blogging, I looked back into my archives and saw that I’ve never done something like this! So, well, it’s never too late to start. So here’s the part 1 of my most hated tropes. I don’t know how many parts there will be, but there will be quite a few more.

Firstly, what do I consider a hated trope to be? Well tbh, any trope, when executed well, automatically becomes acceptable (at least for me). But, my most hated tropes are basically tropes which when I first detect in books, I roll my eyes in exasperation. However, if throughout the remaining part of the book, the trope is well executed, then I don’t have problem with it.

Let’s get in….!

(If any of this tropes have any proper names, please inform me! I’m just using random headers :D)

1) ‘I’m-the-strongest-female-in-this-world-and-i’ll-kick-your-ass’

It was delightful to watch Katniss Everdeen grow out of her shell and become a strong personality; but it was evident that she was driven from poverty and desperation to become the leader that she was. It was a whole process. But oh, YA heroines nowadays. Typical strong, kickass, ready to plunge into danger, born wild and dangerous and sharp and witty, these are such a pain to read nowadays. If there’s a proper process or conditions as to how a female turns into such a personality : well and good. But some book/series just portray females born this way and though I have no problems with females being portrayed strong (because ofc, females are strong) but EVERY SINGLE BOOK? And I don’t like how books, in order to portray the strength of a female character, complete overlook trying to portray any vulnerability of hers too, or some weakness of hers too. I mean, you CANNOT be great at everything. And the whole idea of strength has become so distorted. Just put a sword in her hand, makes sure she knows how to fight, a sharp tongue and witty dialogues – and there you have your typical ‘strong female’.

2) ‘Let’s-spew-out-classical-poetry-and-literature-because-oh-we’re-so-intellectual’

I cannot stand this type. When teenagers act all super-intellectual and superior and start conversing to each other in dialogues from classical literature or poetry or any book, for that matter, it’s just so fake. Because guess what, no one does that. There’s a difference between appreciating literature, and completely faking it. I appreciate poetry, I love classics, but that doesn’t mean I talk to my friends using Jane Eyre’s dialogues. Or any dialogue, for that matter. It’s just so so so so SO fake. I don’t think even adults do that, let alone sixteen year-olds. Again, sharing you favorite quotes from literature with each other is realistic, but having a converstaion in classical dialogues is just ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous. Especially in genres like contemporary, which are meant to be as realistic as possible, things like these are so irritating.

3) ‘My-heart-got-broken-a-hundred-years-ago-and-I’m-still-dejected-and-unable-to-love-anyone’

Oh come one, this is so overused and exasperating. And a lot of fantasy books have this trope (some of my favorite series, even) and it’s sometimes ridiculous. Why is the male a hundred years old, and always has had one single romantic relationship which completely broke him and now he’s finally finding love again? That’s not realistic enough, especially if the person has lived a long life (long as in, a hundred or even thousand years). Are you trying to tell me you never had even a tiny bit of feeling for any other girl? Then why do you feel so much for the female lead in the book? What’s so special about her? And IF a male lead is not like this, then he usually is…

4) ‘I’m-Mr.-Casanova-and-all-girls-love-me-but-I-think-I’m-finally-falling-in-love’

Otherwise known as, the ‘womanizer’. He loves to sleep around, flirts with everyone under the sun, has had a number of trivial relationships, is amazing in bed, knows everything about romancing a girl and then BOOM!! The main female lead enters the scene (usually, shy, reserved, hesitant, considers herslef to be ‘plain jane’) and these two have the greatest love story IN THE WORLD. I’m so tired of this.

5) ‘The-popular-useless-girlfriend-becomes-the-sole-conflict-of-the-story’

The boy and girl meet, develop feelings, but the conflict? The boy has a girlfriend!! (Which is like, the most original things in the world but let’s move on). And more often than not, the girlfriend is has no effin personality. She’s ‘hot’ and ‘perfect’ but hardly has any characterization. The main female lead spends half her time pining after loverboy and the rest of it wanting to be as pretty and hot as the girlfriend. And the author, very beautifully (/sarcasm) arranges the entire plot around those three stupid people and their stupid emotions. That is literally the only conflict, the ex-girlfriend who we don’t know much about, and our pretty couple trying to cope with their ‘problems’.

So that was it for my (part 1) of most hated tropes! Do you guys too hate any of these? 

I’ll be returning with more such hated tropes! Meanwhile, I have to get back to studying for my psychology exam which is (gasp) tomorrow morning. I totally shouldn’t waste anymore time. Bye!

7 thoughts on “Most Hated Tropes (Part 1)

  1. Oh wow. Yes. It seems the dreaded love triangle and strong female characters are overcrowding the YA realm. Show some vulnerability and make these characters more realistic. It’s not like you can hand someone and sword and they’re suddenly an expert. And it’s not logical for a very old character to suddenly find love if he waited for so long after his last epic love. Of course, if done well, these are all fine and good, even enjoyable to read. 😊


    1. Yeah if written well, they can be enjoyable but more often than not, authors resort to these types of tropes and don’t execute them well. I didn’t mention the classic love triangle because there’s one aspect of it which I hate, and another which I’m perfectly fine with (will mention in next part of this post). And yes, the strong female character is actually getting annoying.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a really great post, I was genuinely laughing as I read your opinions! I totally agree with number four, I’m so sick of the same story lines again and again. They have to be written really well for me to enjoy them enough to ever consider re-reading them!


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