Authors I’ve Given Up On

I’m usually not the type of person to make hasty decisions (at least with regard to books) and nor am I someone who’ll never give an author a second chance. More often than not, if I hate a book an author has written, I try out something else by that author (at least 2 more books) before I realize that I need to be cautious and do quite a lot of research on the next book by that author I’ll pick up. However, the four authors I’m mentioning in this post – I’ve tried and tested and read quite a lot of their works, and if not a lot of their works – at least their famous and renowned ones. I’ve come to a point where I’m so done with their books, and I’m pretty sure (pretty sure) that I’m never picking up their books again.

Cassandra Clare

I’ve read half of The Mortal Instruments and the entire Infernal Devices, and going through those books was a chore. TMI was absolute gibberish and in a phase of my reading life where I urged myself to finish every series I started, DNFing that series only goes further to prove how much I disliked that series. TID, however, I finished because a) it’s just 3 books and b) Jem. Also, part of the reason I completed TID was because I wanted to keep reading and write as big of a rant as possible (which I did). I cannot ennumerate the several problems I had with TID. The insufferable love triangle and Clare’s stupid attempt to wrap everything in the end as a happily-ever-after (which is one of the most ridiculous and unrealistic things I’ve ever read). I really dislike Clare’s writing and the plot bored me. This is definitely an author I’m quite, quite sure I’ll never get to in the future.

Jennifer L Armentrout

When fourteen-year-old me read the first four books of the Lux series, I was enchanted by the romance and the excitement. However, now, the more I think of the series, a part of me cringes everytime I recall bits and snipets of her books, or little details which might have horrified me had I read it now. Needless to say, I’m done with Armentrout’s fantasy books (also Lux is her most famous series, and if I don’t like that, I don’t even want to try anything else by her). To give her one last shot, I picked up The Problem With Forever which is a contemporary YA novel released earlier this year. It was disastrous (read my ranty review here). I remember completing the book only so that I could rant about it (this seems to be becoming a habit of mine hmm) and then I was just so dissatisfied and irritated with the ridiculous plot and third-class characters. Definitely not picking up anything else by her. [Also, why are the covers of JLA’s books so horrible?]

Rick Riordan

You’ve probably had your fair share of shocks if you’ve read till this part of my post and seeing Rick Riordan’s name is probably not that shocking anymore (?) I’ve never been that shy about my dislike for the Percy Jackson series on my blog before, I’ve said time and again that I find it extremely overrated and in fact, not a good series at all. Maybe that has everything to do with me reading this series (only till the first three books after which I gave up) at an age where I could not really enjoy it; but seeing all the adults who love and adore this series…yep, definitely something wrong with me. Also, I hate how Riordan keeps creating new series in the same world which are apparently continuations of the previous book?!?!? I mean, apparently, you cannot read his latest series without having read all his previous works which is a bummer because AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Chetan Bhagat

Ohh. Saved the best (worst) one for the last. So, for those of you who don’t know, Chetan Bhagat is this really famous Indian author. He’s kind of the starting base for readers, to pick up his books at the start of their reading journey and broaden and develop their tastes only to realize how ridiculous his books really are. I’m sure out of every Indian who’s an avid reader now, 90% will admit to having read his books at an earlier stage of their reading life and then later given up because in one single word : they’re bad. I remember when I was in 6th grade, I’d read his books (which technically, at that age were ‘forbidden’ to me) and share them with my classmates and laugh and giggle and take joy over his stories. Ahh. The naivety of an eleven year-old! All his books are backed by cliched stories, stereotypical characters and really, really poor writing.

So that was my list of authors I’ve given up on! Which of these authors do you love (or hate)?


17 thoughts on “Authors I’ve Given Up On

  1. Hmm, I started reading Cassandra Clare’s the Mortal Instruments and couldn’t finish the first book. I’m not sure if it just wasn’t interesting enough, but I found another book, I just couldn’t wait to read… And then I never went back to it. Both the movie and the TV show made me think I was probably right. I mean, Clary was all over the place. She accepted her new reality much too quickly and even took over in some situations. If I was thrust into a new world like that, I’d need a little more time to digest everything.


    1. TMI was really, really bad. I do not understand the hype, and I don’t know maybe it’s something about me? I don’t remember much but yeah Clary was annoying and she adjusted to this new world way too soon.

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    1. Yah well I took usually give up on a book/series, that is why there are so few authors in this list. However, when it comes to these four, I’m just tired of their books and thus the decision to give up :P

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  2. You can pick up Rick Riordans sequels but you spoil the previous books and I think that’s why so many people tell you that the best way to read his book are to read the previous books because that’s how all series work. There are spoiler for the previous series but honestly if you don’t care then read that. I liked the Olympians series but Heroes of Olympus is so much better and I would tell people just to pick that one up and accept the learning curve. Another option to avoid confusion is recaptains. They create a detailed breakdown of each book and what happens. (Also Maggie Stiefvater wrote the articles for the Raven Boys recaps and it’s pretty awesome).

    This is not me trying to convince you to read Percy Jackson but maybe picking up and trying the first heroes of Olympus book or even jumping to the hidden oracle may work for you. But you may also want to try The Kane Chronicles or the Gods of Asgard series cause they are different and it may just be Percy Jackson you don’t like?


    1. Thank you for informing me on this! I don’t really care about spoilers, especially if they are about a series I disliked. So maybe I’ll just pick up with his later series and try them out at least. However, to be completely honest, that might take a long while because Riordan’s books are definitely not on my priority list. Thanks again :)

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  3. Omg completely agree with you on Cassandra Clare and Chetan Bhagat.My friends read his books and I only managed to read Two States,which I didn’t like at all!!

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  4. Alright, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I have to make an argument for Rick Riordan. I understand that you may not have been the ideal age when Percy Jackson first came out, but I have to speak for my generation. I’m attached to this character mainly because he grew up with me. By that alone I ended up following all of Riordan’s subsequent works and, bu the way, you don’t necessarily need to be caught up with everything to enjoy one series (just the crossovers). Sure some references might get lost on you, but it’s pretty enjoyable.

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    1. I wholly understand your point and know that I am in the minority here – and that nine out of ten people probably adore the series. But not being caught up isn’t the only reason why I’m not reading his other books. I didn’t even enjoy Percy Jackson, and that’s his most famous series. I didn’t like the writing nor did the story interest me. Before this post, I was misinformed that we had to be all caught up for the later series Riordan writes, but someone in the comments section pointed out that that’s not the case. I agreed that then, I MIGHT pick up his books, but that will probably take a long time. They’re not my priority, and I’ll definitely hesitate picking them up. Thanks for the comment :)


  5. Ooohhh we have some major different opinions on this! :P While I am sick of the whole shadowhunter spin off, I have to admit that Cassandra Clare is an amazing storyteller. TID is actually my favorite and I’m always curious to see what she writes next lol but I was only halfway through Lady Midnight before completely ditching it :’) Rick Riordan is also my favorite! But I totally get where you came from, like, all the stories kinda feel the same and all the main characters have ‘similar’ voices so yes it could be exhausting to keep up, but I’m too invested in the whole greek myth/roman myth spin off that I’ll probably never be tired of his works :P besides, he always manages to surprise me especially with his latest series, The Trials of Apollo :D as for the authors I’ve given up on… Lauren Kate and Stephenie Meyer.


    1. Haha I know I am in the minority here! Loads of people LOVE Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordian! And in fact, I wonder what’s wrong with me? :P I’ve never read Lauren Kate but I heard her Fallen series is much like Twilight? So…that’s a nope for me :D Also, I hated the movie trailer! Stephenie Meyer…I have mixed feelings about. I’d probably pick up her books to give them a ‘try’ – just because I loved The Host.

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