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Top 5 Wednesday : Books I Want to Re-Read // Why I Love to Re-Read Books!

Re-reading books is wonderful. Although there cannot be anything parallel to the feeling of reading an amazing book for the first time, going back to it and losing yourself in that world again is something completely different and incomparable. I love re-reading books. I make it a point to devote at least some of my time each month to reading something from what I’ve already read/enjoyed before and it’s just something I enjoy doing a lot.

Mainly, I reread books because :

– ‘Comfort zone’ : When you read a book for the first time and fall in love with it, it becomes a ‘comfort zone’. You know that if at all, in the future, you’re in need of reading something good which you know you’ll love by default, that book will always be there as an option. I always have such books set aside – which I can pick up if I’m feeling low or am in a reading slump – and rest assured that I’ll have a good reading experience!

– A change of opinion : Just because you loved a book when you were thirteen, doesn’t mean you’ll love it the same way when you’re twenty-five. I reread books a lot to see how I feel about them since I last read it, and see how my feelings might have changed for the book over the years. And what you feel for a book doesn’t always have to change negatively – there have been times when I’ve ended up enjoying a book much more than when I read it the first time around! Also, with classics, I always find the re-reads to be more insightful and a better experience.

– Giving a second chance! : You know when you hate a book which has received a lot of hype? It sucks to not be able to join the bandwagon! If I end up not being super impressed by a really popular book – I usually tend to give it a second chance and read it once again. Who knows, maybe I wasn’t in the mood the first time around? So many of my favorite books are the result of second chances – I couldn’t do without rereading books :P

– Annotating Purposes : I read a lot of my books on my kindle (about 60% of all the books I read) and usually, when I love a book too much, I buy myself a physical copy. Sometimes when I really want to annotate the book, I give it a reread!

– Before the Movie : I geenrally watch book-to-movie adaptations, and I always like to have the book fresh in my mind when watching the movie because HELLO, I need to compare!  I sometimes do reread books before I watch the movie, especially if really, really loved the book!

– Before the Sequel : I have a superpower of forgetting what happened in previous books of a series, even if I read it within the past year :P I reread a lot of books just because I need to know what all happened in the previous books so that I can just continue on with the series.

So those were all the reasons why I reread books. Share some of your reasons to reread books!

Now, moving on to the meme –

This week’s topic is ‘Books You Want To Reread‘. Here are the books I’d like to re-read in the near future!

I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

This is my favorite YA contemporary novel – and I read it this very year – and I already want to reread it! I want to annotate my copy, and also go through the sheer beauty of this book once again.

Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma

Same reason as above! This is one of the most emotionally wrecking books I’ve ever read – and I want to reread really badly.


The Throne of Glass series – Sarah J Maas


I’ve still not read Empire of Storms (sigh) and the main reasons are a) I’m not reading anything at all now because exams and also b) I don’t remember anything which happened in the last two books. I’m planning to re-read all the books once I finish with my board examinations in March!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky


It’s been years since I last read this – and I desperately want to reread this and discover what I feel for it now. Back when I read it, I hadn’t read a lot of books about self-discovery and abuse, and now that I’ve read so many books about such topics, I really want to know whether I still love this book just as much :)

The Wrath and the Dawn – Renee Ahdieh


Even though I read this book just this year ~ I still want to go back into this world! I loved the romance in this book, and that blended with the magical elements made such an amazing book!

These were all the books I really want to re-read soon! Spot any favorites? What do you think about rereading books? Which was the last book you reread? Do you like to reread books and if yes, how often do you do so? Share in the comments!


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