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The wonderful Puput over @Sparkling Letters tagged me to do the The Mid-Autumn Festival Tag, which is basically a bunch of random questions which look a ton of fan! Thank you for tagging me Puput, and do check out her blog everyone! It’s absolutely amazing and I especially love her discussions posts and photos <3


Name A Book with Family Goals


THE WEASLEY FAMILY!! This family is goals for me; an erratic lovely, homely mother, a father who’s filled with kindness and good in him, two twin brothers who’re filled up with jokes and tricks and the funnest times and pretty much everyone else who’s a part of their family are absolutely amazing people.


Name a book with a werewolf


I haven’t read any other book with werewolves except for The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, and I wasn’t the hugest fan of werewolves in that series either. There is something about werewoves I never liked – and now that I’m getting further and further away from the paranormal YA genre, I don’t see myself picking up a book about werewolves anytime soon.


Name A Kind of Food in A Book that You Wish was Real

I DON’T KNOW!! I don’t pay a lot of attention to food when I read books (I know, how do I do that?) and even if I do pay attention, I certainly don’t remember any food which I wish existed in real world.


Name Your Favorite Creature from A Book


ELVES! This answer has probably got a lot to do with the fact that I absolutely love Dobby’s (from Harry Potter) character and overall, house-elves have such unique character traits. I think Rowling did a wonderful job of creating this creature, and it’ll probably be one of my favorite creatures ever!


A Character that Makes a Significant Change to the Plot Since He/She Did Something too Many Times


Mare Barrow from the Red Queen series might not have changed the plot, but her constant whining, acting-like-a-drama-queen, and her being too full of herself and her stupid judgements sure as heck changed my opinions towards this series. By the end of the second book, it felt like all Mare was there to do was annoy the shit out of others, do stupid things and then whine and act crazy.


Name A Toy or Game in A Book that You Liked to Read About


Even though this is as brutal and scary as it gets, The Hunger Games in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins was exciting, thrilling and so interesting to follow. The characters who are always on the run from, and on the pursuit of others, were such real human beings and the thrill and fear of the games was able to seep through the pages and instill in my heart. I was so invested in this trilogy, and especially since the first book exclusively entails the games, The Hunger Games is definitely my favorite game to read about!


Name A Book Which You Feel is the Best to Read in Autumn


I feel like autumn is an amazing month to read historical fiction, and one underrated historical fiction novel I’d like to suggest is The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. Everyone knows the regular, famous historical novels – The Book Thief, Ruta Sepetys novels, Outlander series etc. – but this one is a hudden gem I read last year, and was absolutely transfixed by. You’ve probably already heard of Jojo Moyes (author of Me Before You) and this book was another spectacular book by her. It’s a historical fiction, and a small part of it is even set in the contemporary world.


Name Your Favorite Festival in A Book


love reading about Christmas in books! It’s one of my favorite festivals, and there’s something about the nature of this festival which makes reading it so appealing. I love Christmas stories which can give off a warm, fuzzy feeling – they’re the absolute best to read :)

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9 thoughts on “The Mid-Autumn Festival Tag

  1. Great answers!! :D and omggg I agree why is Mare SO IRRITATING?!?! Maven and Cal should be the ONLY lead characters, that would be more fun hahaha and I didn’t realize The Girl You Left Behind was a historical fiction. I assumed ALL Jojo Moyes’ books are contemporaries :’) but I absolutely love Me Before You so I might check this out <3


    1. Yes Maven and Cal should be the only leads of the book 😂🙏 That would be literally perfect! I don’t know about Moyes’s other books, but The Girl You Left Behind definitely has a huge part of it which is historical fiction. A part of it is contemporary too, but it merges both really well. I hope you pick it up!

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