2017 Reading and Blogging Goals

I’m not the best person to stick to resolutions or stive towards achieveing set goals – but I’m still putting this up. For the sake of my own personal satisfaction of making a sort of ‘to-do’ list for 2017 (regarding blogging and reading), I decided that I’ll put this up anyway. Even though there is a high chance that these same goals might change within the next two months. Even though I’m not the kind of person who reads for the purpose of fulfilling anything.

The reason I’m putting up a concrete list regarding all the plans I have for my reading next year is because I went through a lot of changes this year. I feel like my reading has changed tremendously this year and in light of all these things I’ve been noticing these past few months, I feel like I have a clear picture in my mind of what exactly I want to read ahead. So, enough of chit-chat. Let’s just get in!

Reading Goals

1. Stay away from YA contemporary : I don’t like this genre anymore, I’ve noticed. Apart from a couple of really outstanding YA contemporaries I read this year, everything else was very unimpressive and not at all impactful. Speaking in terms of numbers, out of the 20 total YA contemporaries I read this year, only 2 of them became favorites, and apart from those 2, only 3 other had a lasting impact. That isn’t a very impressive ratio, and no matter what topic the books would pertain to, and no matter how popular some of the books I read were, it just didn’t interest me enough. I think I’ll only be reading YA contemporary the next year if I need a break from more serious, heavy reads, OR if it is a new release from any of my favorite YA contemporary authors.

2. Read at least 12 classics : For someone who says she loves to read classics, I have done very poorly in that genre this past year. I read 4 classics this year. I can’t even wrap my head around that fact. Thankfully, I loved all four of them, so at least reading them was worthwhile. My aim is to read at least 12 classics next year, which makes it 1 classic a month! Hopefully, I should be able to manage that.

3. Read translated fiction : I have read a bit of translated fiction this year, and surprisingly, I loved reading it. It just increases awareness about different cultures and makes me really happy that I know at least something about different peoples of the world. Reading more translated fiction is definitely one of my goals for next year, which brings me to the next point…

4. Research and read diverse books : Till now, all the diversity in my reading has been by chance. I don’t think I have ever picked up a book exclusively because its diverse; usually what happens is I pick up a book and if it has diverse characters, I give a squeal of joy because I love reading diverse books. Period. But next year, I want to make an effort and actively search for diverse books, to research and read different kinds of books!

5. Read Indian books : I hate how being an India, I don’t read enough books written by Indian authors. I need to change that ASAP. There are so many amazing Indian authors out there, and I want next year to be the year when I try to soak in as much of the literary India as possible.

6. DNF as freely as possible : 2016 was the year when I started DNFing books, but there were still times I hesitated. There were books I continued reading in spite of them being horrible, and I don’t want things to be the same in 2017. There is nothing wrong with DNFing books, and next year onwards, I’m willing to DNF as freely and guiltlessly as possible.

7. Read more literary fiction : I picked up quite a lot of literary fiction novels this year, so much so that now it is one of my favorite genres! Of course, of course, I want to read much more from this genre next year. Hopefully, I read some amazing books next year!

Blogging Goals

1. More discussions : I love reading discussions, and up until October, I posted quite a few bookish/blogging discussions too! However, November hit and things changed. I’ve pretty much stopped blogging nowadays, and even when I do sit down to blog, a discussion is never on my mind. Two reasons – 1) I haven’t been reading a lot, and most of my discussion topics hit me suddenly while reading when I need to talk about something particular in the book and 2) penning down discussions requires solid time. I don’t spend a lot of time blogging, and probably won’t till my boards end in March 2017, but after that, I’m getting down to posting a lot more discussions!

2. Blog at least 3 a week : This twoo will be possible only after March 2017, but after that, I’m going to blog a lot more regularly than I do now. I remember back in April/May this year, I used to post about 20 posts a month. I want to get back to that kind of schedule next year too!

So those were all the goals I have for next year! I don’t have a lot of blogging goals because I don’t want there to be a lot of pressure – blogging is exclusively for leisure and there aren’t any compulsions to it.

Do you have any such goals? Do you like to keep goals? How good are you at fulfilling goals? Share some (if any) of your reading/blogging goals below!


5 thoughts on “2017 Reading and Blogging Goals

  1. I’m also planning to stay away from YA Comporaries in 2017, it’s my favorite genre but I’ve also noticed that I’m enjoying it less and less so maybe I need to take a break. Great reading and blogging goals! Hope you’ll achieve them all in the next year. 😄💕

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  2. You and I have very similar goals. I also need to read more books by those of the same culture as I am, although we differ in a way as whilst you don’t think you read enough classics, I almost read too many, haha. I need to open my eyes to more modern novels!

    I love reading translations and getting to know other cultures. My absolute, most favourite novel ever is actually by a Russian author.

    Wish you luck in your goals!


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