Dream Book Conference Panel

India doesn’t have a lot of book conferences, but that sure hasn’t stopped me from coming up with a ‘dream conference’! I would love to attend a bookish conference someday, with my favorite authors and in this post, I’m going to share with you which authors I’d love to have on a bookish conference!

Khaled Hosseini

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you probably have seen this name come up quite a lot. Well, it’s no secret : Khaled Hosseini is my favorite author of all time. I admire his books more than anything else in this world, and his books are closest to my heart. So, of course, I’d want him on my dream panel!

Notable books : The Kite Runner,  A Thousand Splendid Suns

Jodi Picoult

Back in early 2015, I had this phase in my reading where I only read Jodi Picoult books, obsessively reading everything by her I could get my hands on. Her books are filled with difficult moral issues entwined with complex emotions, and raaises questions which make you think and often change your own perspective on things. I would love to have her on a bookish panel, she’s so talented and her stories are enthralling.

Notable books : My Sister’s Keeper, The Storyteller

Morgan Matson

If you’re looking for a fun, cute YA contemporary also delving into emotional issues and complex relationships, look no further. Morgan Matson does it both, and she does them well. I remember reading Since You’ve Been Gone early this year, and being so amazed at the fact that I could emotionally connect to a book so much. I would love to attend a panel where Morgan Matson participates, it really would be amazing!

Notable books : Since You’ve Been Gone, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Leigh Bardugo

Epic, epic, epic fantasy. That’s what Leigh Bardugo is all about. I haven’t read her Grisha trilogy, but I recently read and loved the Six of Crows duology, and I would love to have her on my dream bookish conference! Just, the way she constructs her characters and blurs the line beautiful right and wrong, the complexity she adds to each which makes them just the perfect amount of realistic is what I love about her the most.

Notable books : Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom

Colleen Hoover

She is the contemporary queen. No panel would be complete without her. I would love to attend a bookish panel with her; she writes the most amazing stories and her writing style seems like she’d be a really fun person to chat with!

Notable books : It Ends With Us, November 9

Jeffrey Archer

I was addicted to his books a few years ago, though I have to admit that I haven’t read his books in quite a while. However, that doesn’t take away all the love I have for his book; I’ve ready very few thriller novels where the author can so masterfully combine thrill and emotions. His characters are so finely detailed and constructed, and his stories are extremely addictive.

Notable books : Kane and Abel, The Clifton Chronicles

Haruki Murakami

If there’s anyone who can make an excellent book out of bizarre ideas and complex, kinda weird characters, and stellar prose, it can only be Haruki Murakami. Listening to him speak would be a dream come true.

Notable books : Kafka on the Shore, Norwegian Wood

So these are all the authors I would LOVE to have on a bookish conference, and then of course attend the conference and badger them questions! Of course, the chances of them all appearing in India together is negative, but I wish that someday, somewhere around the world, I can hear these brilliant people speak and read many many more of their books!

There’s another thing I need to mention! Eventbrite, which is an excellent platform for you to find and plan various conferences going on around you which you can visit! You can visit this page here and check out all the events you might want to visit and set up yourself!


4 thoughts on “Dream Book Conference Panel

  1. I am so happy I stumbled across your blog, it’s fantastic! YES TO THIS LIST! Hosseini especially.

    Have you ever been to the Jaipur literary festival? They have some great speakers this year that I would love to check out. I’m actually going to be in Jodhpur next week for a few months, so I’m so hoping I’ll be able to attend the festival! Great post.


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