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What Makes a Book Blog Successful?

So, we’ve all had this one thought pop up in our heads at least once in our blogging lives – is our blog enough? Do we really have a successful blog? What’s the point of this website and is it what it is meant to be? 

I’ve thought about this quite a few times – and even though I tell myself that this blog is just a hobby and meant for fun – there definitely are times when I question the point of this blog, whether I’m doing things right, whether things are the way they are supposed to be; plaguing myself with ways to measure the ‘success’ of this blog.

Even though it is true that it is impossible to measure a blog’s worth objectively, I’ve come up with little things which have their own way of telling me that ‘Yes, you’re doing enough and going in the right direction.‘ Small things which, to be honest, make a difference. I know talking about the success of a blog is extremely relative and subjective, but I’ve come up with small things which (to me) are indicative of a blog’s success and personally, give me a lot of happiness.

1. Making New Friends.

Let’s face it; the reason we turn to social media is for the sense of community and belongingness we find here. No one would like to keep tweeting without getting back replies, no one would like to keep blogging without interacting with others – we all make friends online. Over the course of your blogging journey, you will eventually make friends and start communicating with people. For some, it comes easily and I’ve seen so many people have so many blogging buddies whereas for others (like me) it takes time and patience. However, sooner or later, it happens. You’ll suddenly start interacting with a person a little too much, and start becoming familiar with someone’s blog, and you’ll find matching bookish tastes with some other blogger – and there, you have your friends. Personally, I feel like maintaining strong social networks with people is an art and it’s a sign of huge amazingness of the blogger!

2. Getting Recommendations.

I have hardly a few real-life friends who read books, so I don’t get recommendations that way. Honestly (and please don’t kill me) but GR recommendations from friends are crap because I don’t even know 99% of my GR friends so I don’t even bother checking the recommendations. So, the blog is my platform of getting recommendations. Yes, there are other ways of finding out about books (of course) but there is something about getting recommendations which seems a lot more personal and comforting. When someone leaves a recommendation on anything I post, it shows genuine concern and kindness; and shows that something in my post must have moved the person enough to part with their advice! It might seem weird, but it sure is a sign of success for me.

3. Branching Out.

In terms of content and the kind of posts I publish on my blog (and find on other blogs) – I always find variety attractive. Variety shows growth and effort on the part of the blogger, and I love it and find it a great sign of success when the blogger posts different types of of posts. Personally, initially I always used to post reviews but slowly, I started talking to more people and writing different types of things and in terms of content, I’m super happy with whatever I post now and also being aware of how much more my blog can grow, I definitely feel that this blog is a ‘success’.

4. Making Other People Read Specific Things.

Don’t you absolutely love it when someone thanks you for putting a book their way? It is the singlemost amazing feeling I have – when someone reads a book specifically from my recommendation and then enjoys it. Being able to recommend books to others is a power which needs to be treated gently – and having that kind of influence is actually pretty darn amazing. When readers thank you for a book recommendation, it just shows that whatever it is you wrote that made them pick up the book was impactful and influential enough, and that itself is a sure sign of a great blogger.

5. Enjoyment.

Do you know one thing which can make moot everything I’ve mentioned so far in this post? Your own personal happiness and enjoyment from your blog. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one sitting behind the screen and working your ass off on this blog and brainstorming ideas and if you enjoy your content and style, then that is the biggest and only accomplishment you need to worry about. Chuck everything else, and don’t ever be affected by what others say, because your happiness in your blog is what matters most!

So that is everything I wanted to say about ‘bookblogging’ and ‘success’! I would LOVE to hear your opinions on how you measure a blog’s success, and what successful bookblogging means to you!


11 thoughts on “What Makes a Book Blog Successful?

  1. Oh my god, people thanking me for recommending them a book that changed their lives is so rewarding! It’s so awesome! And I agree that the sole fact of having people with whom to talk about books makes blogging worthwhile. I think our being happy about it is a result of all the previous things, and therefore, the ultimate proof of being successful.


    1. Ikr! Having people thank you for recommending books is very rewarding indeed :) I love the way you put it – that us being happy is a result of all the things together and the ultimate proof of the blog’s success :)


  2. Great post idea. Your 5 ideas are spot on I think. I’ve only been blogging about 3 1/2 months and sometimes I find myself thinking I should do this or that but then I stop and realize it’s my blog and if I’m enjoying what I’m writing and sharing that’s all that matters:)


  3. Really enjoyed this post. What a great list. I especially love number 5. That’s one that I mean to constantly reevaluate, because at the end of the day, unless you’re making money from your blog and it’s your main source of income, you shouldn’t do it unless it’s enjoyable for you.

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  4. I agree that one of the biggest indication of a blog success is interaction! In this case it could be seen through the quantities AND qualities of comments. I love it when people leave long and thoughtful comments on my post because it means they actually read it and felt compelled to share their own thoughts! :D Enjoyment is also really important because what good does stats do if we don’t enjoy it? :P Also to me, I love it when my posts are getting shared through twitter, pinterest, or link back because I feel like my writing means something hehe great post Anushka! <3

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    1. Thank you! I definitely love long, thoughtful comments because it shows that people have actually read my post and are moved enough to reply (though sometimes, I have to admit, it gets a bit overwhelming) :P Yes, enjoyment is definitely a priority especially because I feel that some bloggers make a duty out of it, which I don’t support. And yes, getting your posts shared is definitely another plus! Thank you :)

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