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Book Series I Want to Read/Finish in 2017

This post really doesn’t need an introduction – this is all about the book series I want to finish and read in 2017 – hopefully, next year this time around, I’ll have already most of these!

Series I Want to Finish

A Court of Thorns and Roses


The cover of the third book of this trilogy (A Court of Wings and Ruin) was recently released and it is SO GOOD. I absolutely cannot wait for the third book to this epic romance/war/fae story.

Throne of Glass


I’ve read only the first four books in this series (couldn’t catch up on Empire of Storms last year) but this year I plan to re-read the first four book as well as complete the last two books also! Though I definitely don’t love this series as much as I love ACOTAR, I’m still very interested in knowing where this goes and how the story ends!

The Lunar Chronicles


I’ve not yet read Winter, Fairest and Stars Above, in spite of having read the first three books twice. This year, my top prioirty in series is to get The Lunar Chronicles done – I’m not that keen on reading Fairest and Stars Above, but I definitely want to read Winter this year!

Series I Want to Read (Start-to-end)

Mistborn trilogy


I really want to read some good adult fantasy this year – it is (generally) much better than YA fantasy. But when it comes to adult fantasy, I’m just a little lost as to where exactly to start and what to read. However, I’m really excited to give this a try!

Lord of the Rings trilogy


Of course, if I’m talking about adult fantasy, I cannot not mention this. This book (bind-up of the three books) has been sitting on my shelves for almost two years now – and it’s going to be the first thing I pick up once I finish my boards in April. I simple cannot wait to read this!

The Winner’s trilogy


I’ve heard mixed things about this book – but I really want to read a YA dystopian with good romance and political conflicts. This seems to promise just that, and hopefully I end up enjoying this trilogy!

The Remnant Chronicles


The main thing which attracts me about this trilogy is that it is about a princess on the run. The premise sounds extremely interesting, and like something I’d enjoy a lot!

Kingkiller’s Chronicles


I recently acquired the first book of this trilogy and it’s massive!! I’m very eager to start this, mainly because I’ve heard innumerable good things, and am very much into fantasy.

Snow Like Ashes trilogy


I don’t know a ton about this, but I think it is some YA dystopian about royalty(?!?!???) I have no idea. But I’m still interested in trying this out!

Queen of the Tearling trilogy


Apart from the fact that these books are absolutely gorgeous, the premise sounds interesting too. I really want to read a fantasy novel about a queen/princess this year – and what better than this?!

So those are all the book series I hope to read this year! Have you read any of these series? Were they worth your time? Would you like to suggest me some more series? Please comment below!



15 thoughts on “Book Series I Want to Read/Finish in 2017

  1. I’ve only read LOTR and it’s absolutely perfect though I’m sure everyone knows that. Also read tearling one but don’t think I’ll pick up book two. Hpe you get to read this soon.


  2. I need to finish the Lunar Chronicles and read Winter as well! I want to do a Throne of Glass reread but I’m not sure I’ll get a chance as there are so many books on my tbr pile (hopefully though!). All the books on your series to read list are on mine as well and I’m so excited to hopefully get to some of them this year!


    1. Hopefully we both manage to read at least some of these series!! I also have way too many books on my TBR but I don’t remember much of what happened in the previous ToG books, so I really need to read them again! :)


  3. I want to read The Winner’s Curse trilogy too! It’s got so much hype from the blogging community and sounds amazing. I hope to catch up on ACOTAR and TOG this year too!
    You have to finish The Lunar Chronicles! Maybe skip Stars Above but DEFINITELY read Fairest! (Preferably before Winter because publication order) It’ll give you an insight into Levana’s life and help you understand her motives better. She is a psychopath. It’s amazing. 😁


  4. So many awesome books in this list! I am so excited to finish the ACOTAR and TOG series…it’s going to be sad though, especially with TOG because it has been going for ages. I just read Name of the Wind and it was amazing! I can’t wait to read the Mistb0rn series… I have been wanting to read this series for ages!!


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