500 Followers ~ Q&A Announcement [Ask Me Questions!] ~ General Life Update

500 Followers – THANK YOU!

I woke up today morning to a wonderful surprise –  I had touched a new milestone! – Well, technically, it’s my blog’s milestone but whatever – 500 FOLLOWERS!! I always knew that every blogger, some day or the other, if you keep doing your good work, is going to reach 500 but to actually see it for real was amazing. I’m so glad that I made this blog, I’m so glad that I stuck to doing this even though initially I hated blogging. For the first four months, I hardly blogged and really didn’t enjoy it, but something happened last year in March and weirdly enough, (and thankfully enough), I started enjoying blogging. SO MUCH. I just love this, love writing about books and stuff I read; and even though I’m a tiny part of this community, I still feel like I belong :)

Of course, reaching this number wouldn’t have been possible had it not been you guys hitting the follow button! Thank you to all of you who follow me, who read what I write, and find it worthy enough to like/comment. I cannot convey the immense joy I feel every time a notification drops in and I’m just SO GLAD!!

I would absolutely love it if you would drop in suggestions for me – any kind of change you’d like to see, any kind of content you’d like more/less of, anything you’d want differently – I would love all suggestions. I would also love it if you send in any complaints you have – I’m always willing to change up things and make them better. But most of all, I’d like to know what you like best about the blog – so that of course I can work more on it and make it better!

Q&A – Ask Me Questions!

I’ve never done a Q&A before – I don’t think I even celebrated my blog anniversary – but now, I think it’s finally time! So yep – send in any questions ou might have for me, anything at all, and I’ll answer them all in a post within the next two weeks! You can post the questions in the comments section, you can ask multiple questions, and the questions can be about anything :)

General Life Update

As for a life update – well, my board examinations begin within the next three weeks – so I probably won’t blog (or read) much – but I’ll still be around to post once a week at least! This is the last you’ll be hearing of me whining about my exams! It’ll end on 24th April, and finally I’ll be free! 

Like I said, I’m not reading enough, little bits and pieces every day, but then also – I’ve not completely given up on it. I try to find time in between all the study and everything’s going good!

That is about it for my post! Thank you so much again! You can send your questions in the comments :)

9 thoughts on “500 Followers ~ Q&A Announcement [Ask Me Questions!] ~ General Life Update

    My questions for you are:
    If you could live in any country in the world, where would you live?
    What's your favourite part about living in Mumbai?
    What is the book that made you love reading?


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