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Emoji-a-thon Wrap-up! (2017)

Hello guys! How are you doing and how has your reading been? I’ve been busy with studies (I’m waiting for the day I will stop writing this sentence here) and even though I am reading and blogging too, I just wish the next two month would pass soon. As for my blogging, I have a discussion post coming up soon (about the obligation of returning comments of bloggers) and I’m also currently taking in questions for my VERY FIRST Q&A (click here to ask me questions!); I have a book review to post of The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski and am also reading The Shadow of the Wind and a poetry collection called Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately (for review).

It’s the end of February and also the end of Emoji-a-thon! One of my reading goals for this year was to participate in more readathons but I was totally not expecting to participate in any before my boards end in April. However, since the Emoji-a-athon was a month-long, low pressure readathon, I thought, why the heck not?? Check out below all the books I read for this readathon!

Out of the 15/16 total challenges, we had to complete four. The ones I completed are :


Salt – Nayyirah Waheed


This is a poetry collection and it was really good. Some of the poems were extremely touching, whereas there were a few I didn’t fully get (or appreciate). Overall however, I did love how the author picked up different issues and dealt with them. Some of the lines were heartwrenchingly emotional and made me read them over and over again.


Carve the Mark (Carve the Mark#1) – Veronica Roth


This book was a big disappointment. I received it for review from HarperCollins India, and went into it with low expectations, and on the lookout for all the controversial stuff that’s being said about the book. Though the controversial stuff didn’t bother me too much, I really disliked the plot, the setting, the story, the characters – just about anything, actually.


The Fall of Lisa Bellow – Lisa Perabo


I received this book for review via NetGalley and it was so good. It was an extensive character-study, loosely based on a mystery/suspenseful plot. The writing was good, and the characterization was spot-on. Highly recommend!


Behind Closed Doors – B A Paris


I went into this book with hgih expectations because this was one of the ‘big’ releases of last year, but what I got was poor writing and horrible characters. The plot picked up pace very slowly, though later on it quickened. Overall, it was an okayish read.


The Girl Who Fell From the Sky – Heidi W. Durrow


This book deals with a biracial female and is about a tragedy which occurs in her family. It was powerful, sad and a great read. I highly recommend you pick it up!

So those were all the books I read last month! I completely deviated from my TBR for the readathon – but at least I completed it :D

What books did you read last month? Have you read any of these?


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