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January-March (2017) Book Haul

I pretty much stopped doing book hauls completely about 5 months ago, and when 2017 started I kinda made a decision to stop hauling books completely. That was for two main reasons – 1) My incessant need to buy books just for the sake of buying them has pretty much dimmed now. I’m only buying books if I deem it completely necessary and am absolutely sure I’ll read them (and also try to acquire most of my books on my kindle). 2) I hate posting book hauls because I don’t know much about almost any of the books.

When I say that my need to buy books has dimmed, I don’t mean to say that I don’t want any more books. (Like that could happen). What I mean is that initially when I had started this blog and started watching other people’s book hauls, I’d also have this urge to buy and own plenty of books and having a certain number of books to haul regularly. Which made me buy a lot of unnecessary books which I’m no longer interested in. So, at the beginning of 2017, I decided to take a step back and look at my priorities.

As long as I’m reading and happy, I don’t really need to buy that many physical books. I don’t have a job (I’m still a student) so all the money I spend belongs to my parents. My parents are neither stringent nor lavish – they give me enough money whenever they think I need it and I spend on books by saving up this money. Now, I have decided that instead of splurging on books which I don’t really want/need, instead I’ll try to buy less physical books. I have over 50 books on my physical TBR, and there’s no need for that number to go up further. Also, I am regularly sent books by publishers, and NetGalley helps to provide me with enough books too!

Out of the 11 books below, bought 6 of them, and 5 of them were sent by publishers. (All the book covers are identical to the editions I acquired.)

Carve the Mark


I was sent this by the publisher; I’ve already read this and I really disliked it for the lacklustre worldbuilding, generic characters and boring plot. Read my review here.

Dark Places


I’ve only read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and I absolutely loved it. I love psychological thrillers, and though this book sounds kinda creepy, I’m still very excited to give this a try!

The Final Empire


One of my main reading goals this year is to focus on adult fantasy instead of YA fantasy. The Mistborn trilogy is one of the most famous ones out there, and I finally bought an used copy off Amazon when the price reduced :D

North and South


I’ve heard wonderful things about this classic, though I’ve never read anything by Gaskell before. Also, this edition is very pretty and so floppy that it makes my heart burst with joy.

The Name of the Wind


Another adult fantasy! I don’t have much to say, except that this is one of the most famous trilogies and everyone absolutely raves about it. It’s massive and intimidating, but I’m still excited to read it.

The Thousandth Floor


I was sent this for review too, and I’ve already read it. It’s a science fiction story about a bunch of people living in a building with a thousand storeys, and the one word to summarise this book is dramaRead my review here.

The Sellout


This won the Man Booker prize last year, and all I know about this book is that it is a satire (??) Honestly, just the fact that it won Man Booker is enough for me to read it!



This book was shortlisted for the Man Booker, and though I’ve heard tons of negative reviews about this, I’m still pretty interested in it!

Behind Her Eyes


I was sent this for review, and it’s going to be my next read after I finish my current one (The Catcher in the Rye). Everyone is talking about the ending of this book, and how it is completely unexpected; but sad thing is that my grandmother read it and told me a little detail (which isn’t a spoiler) but still might affect my reading experience :(

The Watcher


I was sent this for review too and I tried reading it, but couldn’t get beyond a hundred pages. It was this absurd story with a terrible character, and I had to give it up.



I was sent this for review too, and all I know about this is that it is literary fiction, and it has a beautiful cover.

So these were all the books I got recently! I know I didn’t say much about any of them, but I don’t know much about any of the books, and I prefer reading books without knowing much about them in prior.

Have you read any of these books? Are any of these books on your TBR?


12 thoughts on “January-March (2017) Book Haul

  1. This was me all of March, I didn’t buy any physical books at all other then my Book of the Month & Owlcrate subs. I did overhaul on Kindle though *for shame* 🙈😂🙈😂🙈 but I feel ya on the whole feeling of wanting to buy/own all the books. I think we all reach that Calm point where it’s like, I’ll get to you eventually lol. These look like some great books you hauled, with the exception of Carve the Mark of course 😉 hope you enjoy these & happy reading! 😃💕


    1. I always overhaul on Kindle 😂😂It’s not even worth mentioning, the amount of books I acquire compared to the amount of reading I’m doing currently 😅 Yes Carve the Mark was a disaster, but at least I didn’t have to pay for it ☺


  2. I’ve read Mistborn and found it phenomenal. Brandon Sanderson’s one of my favorite authors, mostly because a majority of his books take place in the same universe, each serialization occurring on a different planet. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to read them in any order since each series is a stand alone). I hope you like it.


  3. I also went through a phase where I felt I needed to buy ALL the books I was interested in. Some of those books still sit on my shelf years later. So now I buy only the books that I’m REALLY interested in and plan to read very soon. I finally have my TBR books down to double digits….. ya, it was that bad….. and plan to keep it that way! I can’t wait to hear what you think of Eileen. Some people raved about it while others didn’t like it.


    1. Exactly! There are so many books on my shelves which earlier I had bought thinking I’d read them sometime but that time never came, and now I’m losing interest 😢 So now I’ve decided also to buy only those books which I’m sure about reading. Yes, I’ll get to Eileen soon :)

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  4. The Name of the Wind is fantastic, I loved it and it didn’t take me long at all to read as it was so well written and fast paced! It’s a great book to open you up to reading more adult fantasy! Great Haul!


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