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A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOTAR#3) – Sarah J Maas (Book Review)


Title : A Court of Wings and Ruin

Series : A Court of Thorns and Roses #3

Author : Sarah J Maas

Genre : NA Fantasy


Goodreads summary :

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit-and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords-and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

Non-Spoilery Thoughts

Even though writing a review on this is kinda pointless, I’ll still get into it.

Okay. So, phew.

[If you want to know absolutely nothing about the book, do not read this review. Otherwise, go ahead :)]

Things I Didn’t Like :

Firstly, the first 60% of the book didn’t pull me in. I constantly compared reading this book to reading A Court of Mist and Fury and though that book had a pulling force which compelled me to keep reading, this book didn’t. I read the first 60% of the book over a span of two weeks, and the rest in two days – partly because I was on vacation and partly because I was reading from a borrowed book. But I know for a fact that even if I had had the liberty of uninterrupted reading, I would not have been able to read it all at once, like I did with ACOMAF. It’s just didn’t pull me in. There was no desperation in this reading.

The book took time to pick up. Initially, it was slow and not much happened and it only picked up towards the end. There’s a lot of plotting and planning in the beginning, and though those were interesting to read, I wanted action. I wanted things to happen. SJM did a lot of telling instead of showing, and the pace was slow initially. It picked up at the end and became amazing, but the first half was tad bit bland. 

Thirdly, the romantic element was bad. Like, this book didn’t need the romance (Feyre-Rhys). Plus, SJM really dramatizes things to a level where it is not needed or appreciated (by me). Whereas ACOMAF had that element of excitement and an issue of will they/won’t they – ACOWAR had cheesy dialogues and horrible sex scenes. Like, ohmygawd. The sex scenes in ACOMAF had bothered me too but somehow the sex scenes in this book were unbearable. The romance did nothing for me, it was meh. Also, give me a break from the words ‘my mate’. Please. 

Now that the dislikes are done and over, let’s move on to :

The Things I Loved :

The final 40% of the book. It was mindblowing. I do not have words to say how much I loved all the plot twists, the surprises. It was all so good so good so good. I loved SJM’s storytelling and the way she ended Rhys and Feyre’s story. I loved what she did with all the characters – their character arcs and what happened to all of them. I loved all the new characters introduced – it was so damn interesting – and their histories and their personal stories.

Since this is such an epic story, it’s now time I delve into spoilers. Please do not read ahead if you haven’t read ACOWAR.

Spoilery Discussion

I didn’t take notes but here we go –

I freaking loved Nesta and Cassian. I adore slowburn romances, and SJM nailed their relationship. It was perfect, and I was rooting for them throughout. I’m not that interested in reading the rest of the spin-off books in this series, but if it’s about Nesta and Cassian – I’m in. 

I’m not sure what exactly happened with the whole Lucien – Elain – Azriel story (because I felt like there was something between Elain and Azriel) but frankly – I’m not that interested. I didn’t quite care about Lucien and Elain’s mating bond either – I just felt like it was too ridiculous and I don’t much like Elain as a character.

Okay can we talk about Amren and Varian? Coz woah. I loved it. I’d love to read a novella about them – though not a full-length novel. I loved how Amren sacrificed herself to save the others – that moment was glorious and so well written.

Jurian’s deception of Hybern was shocking and crazy. So was Tamlin’s efforts to save Feyre and his final move to save Rhys’ life. I wanted to cry when Tamlin said the words ‘Be happy, Feyre’ coz OH GOD. I dislike him a little less – and the main problem with him is that he’s a fool with terrible anger issues. I do hope he finds happiness, though.

Which brings me to Rhys’ death – I literally saw red when that happened. I decided to give this book a 1 star because killing off a MC like that is so not fair. And that too, Rhys. And wait what???? He was resurrected???? Like, WHAT?! WORST BOOK TROPE EVER. LIKE WHAT WHAT WHAT. But. AT LEAST RHYS IS ALIVE. So, I forgive you SJM. For using that trope. Coz Rhys CANNOT die.

The Weaver’s appearance on the battlefield was fucking amazing and unexpected – my heart squeezed for Rhys that instant. So was Drakon and Miriam’s appearance, and I wish we had seen more of these two characters.

I freaking loved the Bone Carver and his death killed me. Also, let’s just talk about how amazingly well Elain killed Hybern. Like, WOAH.

List of characters I’m interested in reading more about :

NESTA AND CASSIAN – full novel please

Bone Carver – full novel

Tamlin and Lucien – novella to see whether things work out between them

Azriel – novella to see whether he finds happiness or not

Amren and Varian – novella

All in all, I did love the book. ACOMAF was probably a more satisfying reading experience, but everything worked out beautifully in this book. It ended extremely satisfactorily and I loved how SJM ended things.

My Rating

4/5 stars


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