2017 Popular Releases (Jan-Jun) I’m Not Interested In Reading

//If you read and loved a lot of popular books released this year, get ready to be shocked (and probably angry) with this post. 

Hello everyone! My slump is – finally, thankfully – OVER!! I’m back to reading again, and currently in the middle of four books – The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, Here We Are : Feminism for the Real World by Kelly Jensen, The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I’m loving all four books and hope to publish reviews of them soon.

However, this post is not about that! It is all about the popular books released this year that I’m NOT interested in reading, at all. I feel like I’m finally getting over my phase of randomly picking up popular books – I am much nitpicky in my reading choices now and mostly, only pick up books (popular or not) that I’m really, really interested in.

Another reason why I’ve not picked up any of these popular novels is because I’m no more interested in the genre. (Warning : You’re going to see a lot of YA contemporary in here). So here goes the list –

YA Contemporary Galore :

I’ve been recently very detached from this genre – I’m just absolutely done with it tbh – and that’s the main reason why I’m not at all looking forward to reading anything from this genre. The only YA contemporary I’m willing to give a try is When Dimple Met Rishi (only because it portrays Indian characters and I’d like to see if the representation is correct) but apart from that – not a single of these major releases interests me a tad bit.


History Is All You Left Me : All I’ve heard about this book is that it is extremely sad and I’m just done with YA contemp sob stories.

Our Own Private Universe : I was initially very interested in this book, but lately have been feeling very detached from this genre. I have no idea why, but somehow this book doesn’t interest me at all anymore.

We Are Okay : I’ve heard that this book is not for everyone, and read quite a few negative reviews about it, which makes me very hesitant to pick it up. Also, the plotline doesn’t interest me too much.

The One Memory of Flora Banks : This is one book whic everyone keeps hyping – and almost everyone has already read – and even though the plot sounds different, it yet sounds so ‘meh’ to me. It’s like I’m physically revulsed by the plotline of the book and I don’t even know why.


You’re Welcome, Universe : Even though this is typically the kind of book I’d pick up – especially since it portrays an Indian character – I still am not at all interested in reading it.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean : Yes, this one is controversial! I did enjoy the first two books in the series – really enjoyed them, actually – but I’m definitely done with Lara Jean’s story. I don’t care too much about how things end, also because at the end of the second book, I was massively disappointed with the ship in the book. I just have zero motivation to pick this one up.

Geekerella : Doesn’t sound appealing to me, at all.


Windwitch : Sequel to Truthwitch, this book has been highly anticipated by a lot of people and overall the response to it has been great. I’m just not at all interested in a witch story, and thus will not be reading this series.

Wayfarer : Sequel and finale to Passenger, this book too has met with praise (though I’ve read a couple of negative reviews on it too). The duology is based on time travel, and weird as that may sound, it somehow doesn’t interest me. Time travel itself is a trope I don’t get much excited by, and I doefinitely don’t plan on reading this duology.

King’s Cage : I read the first two books of this series – Red Queen and Glass Sword – and though the first book was moderately entertaining, the second one was ghastly. No way I’ll continue with the series.

A Crown of Wishes : I really disliked the first book in the series – The Star Touched Queen – and am absolutely not interested in continuing with the series.

Traitor to the Throne : This is the sequel to Rebel of the Sands and albeit I don’t know the exact plotline of the first book, nothing about this interests me at all.

Lord of Shadows : I dislike Cassandra Clare – her characters, her stories, her writing – and there’s absolutely no way I’m picking up this series by her.



These are both widely popular retellings I’m not that interested in – maybe because I’m a tad bit tired of fairytale retellings – but these books don’t even mildly excite me.

So these are all the popular 2017 releases I’ll not be reading! Have you read any of these books? What are your opinions on them?


9 thoughts on “2017 Popular Releases (Jan-Jun) I’m Not Interested In Reading

  1. I read Truthwitch – prequel to Windwitch, and Lady Midnight (prequel to Lord of Shadows), and I kinda liked them. At some point I”ll probably slip into Windwitch and Lord of Shadows just to see how the story plays out.


  2. I’m probably not going to read Wayfarer either, I liked Passenger but not enough to continue with it (it’s also huge so…). I’m also not going to read King’s Cage because Glass Sword was horrible and I have better things to do with my time than hate this book. I’m also not reading any Cassandra Clare book again I think. Again the books are huge and I’m kind of done with the whole shadowhunters universe. Enough is enough.
    I’m reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean right now and I am loving it. But I understand that if you don’t like the ship, you’ll not enjoy this book. I do love them together though :)


    1. Yes Wayfarer is pretty huge! And I too agree, why to waste time on a book/series you hate? I’m also tired of her writing books all in the same world – I was never a fan – but I’ll never pick up anything by her as long as she keeps writing in the same universe.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the new Lara Jean book :)

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