General Life Update// Big Life Changes Edition

I figured I’d do an update on my life, since it’s been a while since I last did such a post, and also, there are some big changes going on.

So I guess I should start with the big thing : I’m moving. I’m changing cities, and that is because I got admitted into my dream college :)) I’m shifting from Mumbai to Delhi; and though I feel really, really sad about leaving my friends and family, I also cannot give up the opportunity to study in the best arts college in our country. I’m taking up the course of Economics honors and though I’m sad about leaving home, a tiny part of me is excited to start this new journey.

Unfortunately, I could not get the hostel facilities in my college, so instead I’m going to live in a paying guest accommodation. Thankfully, I have one of my closest friends from college living with me; she got into the same college (though for a different course).

So I’m basically worked up about all this now – starting college and moving cities – and I’m hoping everything starts well. I generally get very worried about meeting new people, but then this is something which everyone has to do. Also, this is my first time living without my parents, and I’m super sad about leaving everyone (my family and friends) back home.

So anyway, this is a big change in my life, and to be honest, I don’t know how it is going to affect my reading and blogging life. Of course I’m excited to start studying, but it will take me some time to go there and figure out my schedule and how exactly my blogging and reading life might change. As of now, I’m reading (and blogging) pretty consistently and happy about my blogging schedule and reading speed.

As of anything else, I don’t know what to say because I feel like my life is centered around this one big thing – starting college and moving. So this is all I can tell you about right now. I will be doing another such post in a month or two when I get more settled into my new life.

What about you! What is up with your life? Do you do such general life updates on your blog? Do you enjoy reading such posts? Share below!


6 thoughts on “General Life Update// Big Life Changes Edition

  1. I start university in September which means I will be moving to a different city too! I’m excited but also very nervous. Good luck with everything😊


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