The Pressure of Loving Harry Potter More Than Anything Else

Disclaimer : I have read the Harry Potter books and watched the movies and I love both of them dearly.

I grew up with Harry Potter. It was a big part of my childhood, or rather, teenage years. I think I watched one or two of the movies first, then picked up the books and then watched all the movies. By the time I could catch up with the movie releases, the last movie came out and I remember walking out of the theatre with an extremely, extremely heavy heart.

I’m deeply attached with Harry Potter (books and movies both) in the sense that they’re good. Extremely good. It’s a good story, it has some excellent long-lasting-in-our-memory characters, it has a mesmerizing world and JK Rowling has written the book so well. So yes, I do love the whole series.

But I still can’t help feeling this pressure when it comes to Harry Potter. As if you can’t love it enough. Or as if, you can’t show it enough how much you absolutely love Harry Potter more than anything else in the world.

Just hear me out okay?

I watch a lot of booktube, and read a lot of bookish blogs too. Over all these years (basically, ever since I’ve had any kind of involvement in the online bookish community), I’ve always noticed people place Harry Potter on a pedestal. It’s almost as if, Harry Potter is above all. There is a lot of (and I mean, lot) of hype and excitement about the series in general and although I think it’s fantastic to talk about books you love, I always get this feeling that people go a tad bit overboard when it comes to Harry Potter.

(Please don’t hate me for this)

It’s a great series, I agree. I know that Harry Potter makes up the childhood of a lot of people, and there are of course going to be people who are a lot more attached to the series in special ways than me. I know a lot of people might have made lifelong friends because of Harry Potter and that’s great. Of course you’re allowed to love whatever you want with all your might. But I sometimes get this feeling that a lot of the time, people are more trying to show their love for the series by putting it on a pedestal?

And that creates an irregular kind of pressure (on me). I do love the series but I’ve never publicly gone gaga over it. I love it an adequate amount, and have fond memories of it. But seeing people react to Harry Potter and looking up to it kind of makes me feel as if I’m doing something wrong. As if I don’t love the series enough or that something was missing in my childhood.

Which is bullshit, I know but then again I can’t help this weird feeling. My problem is not with people being too emphatic with the series, it is with how ridiculous it makes me feel. Because deep down, I know that yes I love Harry Potter, but it is not the best series in the world. There are many other books I love more than the series, and that’s not going to change.

Harry Potter has problems too; and I know tha different people perceive problems differently but I guess what I’m trying to say is that the series is not perfect. And people online constantly making it out to be the most perfect series in the world and the best series ever written just puts a kind of pressure on me that maybe I should also love the series that way?

So that was basically it for today’s discussion. I kinda feel it’s all over the place, but at the same time I’ve been meaning to talk about this since ages. I’ve noticed this insane craze for Harry Potter since so long and this feeling of mine has increased ever since.

What about you guys? Anyone feel even remotely same, if not about Harry Potter, about some other book? Have you read Harry Potter? What is your favorite thing about Harry Potter?

20 thoughts on “The Pressure of Loving Harry Potter More Than Anything Else

  1. I like Harry Potter but don’t love it. I actually think the world is interesting, but I personally think the books are not necessarily that well written. I agree, though, that there can be this external pressure to be obsessed, or there’s some type of competition to be the “biggest Harry Potter fan.”


  2. Yes! Obviously, Harry Potter is an awesome, amazing series that mean a lot to us. But I agree that it is not perfect and there are better books out there. Harry Potter is great and I’m sure it does connect to many of us in a lot of ways. But as a book blogger, I sometimes feel like we have to put Harry Potter at the very top? Like the first place has to be Harry Potter. And I’m starting to get confused about whether I really love this series as much as I say I do, even though I’m sure I love it.


  3. I love Harry Potter. It definitely featured in many childhood memories, but as I get older, and read more, it’s by no means perfect, but I think Harry Potter does what books give us the most, an escape! And there’s nothing more magical than Hogwarts.


  4. I can’t decide if I agree with you or not. I personally love Harry Potter. And I agree with you that it’s not perfect. It had certain issues which I found sexist and I was enraged when I read those part. But then I guess that usually people put this series above all because they probably read it when they were children and those are the books which we always cherish. On second thoughts, people don’t put it above all, it’s like they have a reserved place for Harry Potter. So those are my opinions. This post has really confused me. But I liked that you spoke your mind.


    1. Thank you. I know I probably got people confused, I myself am confused at how people exactly view the series. Yes, they probably keep it at the top because of emotional reasons and because they’re so attached ot it from childhood, but the top place shouldn;t be just reserved like that I guess. :)

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  5. I so so relate to this post! I have fond memories about harry potter too, but it wasn’t my favourite series growing up and it’s not perfect. I’ve found that some people just are unwilling to even hear that- so when I’ve had criticisms of parts, I’ve got in trouble, even though I like it. I think it’s a bit intense to be honest, cos I truly believe everyone has the right to their own opinion. So yeah, I don’t think it should be put on this crazy high pedestal. And yeah there’s always this pressure to prove harry potter credentials and that you’re a fan.


    1. Exactly – some people are just unwilling to here any kind of criticism or opinion that certain series might be better than Harry Potter. It definitely should’t be put on a pedestal – and this competition to be the biggest HP fan in insane and intense!


  6. Do unpopular commentary!!! And I loved it! I agreed I have friends that go so freaking crazy for the saga like you say something about the book and they appear suddenly next to you even if they are like in another country xD those friend that read the books every year… And have like all the movies books wands and all haha I like the stuff but I read Potter this year and I like it a lot. But I am not y crazy for it. I enjoy it and I didn’t want it to finish but I have felt that with other books. I think people are just being drag by the mainstream train…
    Thank you for sharing!!! :)


    1. Haha thanks :) Yes..people are dragged down by hype :P And I KNOWW!! All that Harry Potter merch and the people who reread it every single year. I don’t know, but I probably can’t do it :P


  7. I love Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to… I recently read a Raymond E. Feist, and hated it. Not even kidding. Hated it. Everyone else has been raving about it. He’s hailed as some sort of genius, and it is forboden to criticise him. But it was bad. It was just bad… I know it was. And that’s fine! I don’t think we all have to like the same things. Wouldn’t it be boring if we did?


  8. If you’re following any fandom, my best advice is to get the heck out. I’ve distanced myself from any fandom I was part of – I still enjoy all the things I used to but I don’t follow people who discuss it, or forums etc. The fandoms can be very, very toxic especially one as big as Harry Potter.

    Vee @ Under The Mountain


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