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BookTubeAThon 2018 TBR!

Hey guys! Today I’m here to share something super exciting! I’m going to share with you my TBR for the Booktube-A-Thon 2018. It’s running from the 30th July to 5th August and it’s the one thing I look forward to every year! Here’s the official channel of the readathon! There are some fun challenges, and here are all the books I’m planning to read-

1/ Let a coin toss decide your first read.

Okay so I have a total of 4 books that I’m planning on reading for the readathon. Out of the 4, I’m going to toss a coin between two reads, and that will decide my first read for the readathon. Let Save the Date by Morgan Matson by ‘HEADS’ and Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel be ‘TAILS’.

*tosses coin*

And the winner is..HEADS! So it’s decided! I’m going to start the readathon with Save the Date by Morgan Matson! It’s a YA contemporary by one of my favorites and I’m so excited!

2/ Read a book about something you want to do.



This book is set in a wedding, over the weekend, and everything that can go wrong at a wedding, goes wrong at this wedding. I’ve been having this insane craving to go to a wedding of a close friend and have fun – hopefully, this book can fulfill at least part of this craving.

3/ Read and watch a book to movie adaptation.

I have no idea what to do about this! I don’t have anything on my TBR currently which has a movie adaptation out, and I don’t want to read something random which has a movie adaptation out just for the sake of the readathon. I anyway probably won’t be reading more than 3-4 books, so I’m giving this challenge a pass.

4/ Read a book with green on the cover.


This book is the winner of the Man Booker! I’ve been meaning to read this since last year, and I’m really excited. I don’t know what it’s about, but it has green on the cover and will work just fine for this challenge!

5/ Read a book while wearing the same hat the whole time.


I read the first volume of Saga about a week ago, during the Summer Biannual Bibliothon readathon, and I really want to read the next volume! I’ll be reading this graphic novel wearing a cap :P

6/ Read a book with a beautiful spine.


I read the first and second books of this trilogy (Themis Files) all within the last month and I’m pumped to finish the story! It’s an adult science fiction trilogy about giant metal bodies found buried in Earth, and it’s so, so good.

7/ Read seven books.

There’s no way I can read 7 books in a week, now that my college has started. I’m busy till the evening and even after that, I don’t read all evening. In short, I hardly read when my college is on. So yeah, I’ll not be completing this challenge either.

So that’s my post for today! I’m super excited for the readathon – it’s my fourth readathon for the year, and could be my last too. My college has started and this semester ends in December, and I definitely won’t be able to participate in a readathon till then. So I really want to read a lot in this one!


Are you participating in the BooktubeAThon too? Do you like readathons? Is your TBR ready? Share below!

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