2018 Reading Year In Review + 2019 Reading and Blogging Goals


Now that 2019 is finally here, it’s time for me to do my final 2018 end-of-the-year-list posts on the blog, and the first official post for my 2019 reading. In this post, I’m going to review my 2018 reading, and set some goals for my 2019 reading and blogging! I’m going to provide a number of stats and graphs, so let’s just get in!


Okay, so first things first, I read 93 books in 2018.

I can’t really comment on this since I did not have any fixed number as a reading goal for me whatsoever, but yes, 93 books is more than what I read in 2017 (89 books) so I’m quite happy I surpassed last year’s number! I tried to push myself to read 100 books by the end of the year (because I haven’t reached 100 books since 2015) but in the end, I realized that I am satisfied with however much I read, and so 93 it is.

As for my page count stats,

36,969 pages across 93 books amounts to an average of 397 pages in each book.

Honestly, 397 pages is pretty amazing for me. I feel like I read a LOT of long books though I did have some shorter books in the lot too. An average of about 400 pages per books is actually pretty good (though not too surprising) since most of the books I pick up tend to be between 300 to 500 pages. Like I said, this year I did pick up a lot of books that are over 500 pages, and then I had some books which were within 100-200 pages too.


So, the shortest book I read this year was Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini – the only book I read this year which was below 100 pages. I loved this book, highly recommended to anyone interested in a short story inspired by the refugee crisis going on in the world.

The longest book I read this year was Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas and it’s the last book in the Throne of Glass series. Good book, and I’m so glad I’m finally done with the series.

A look at the genres I read


As expected, fantasy is at the highest with a total of 26 books. Next up, there’s contemporary with 18 books and expectedly, next up, there’s thriller/mystery with a total of 13 books. I did read a few literary fiction books – 8 books – and then, quite surprisingly, science fictionI read about 7 sci-fi novels this year and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but believe me, for me, that’s quite a lot. I’m super glad though, and can’t wait to read more of the genre in 2019.

Apart from these, I read genres like historical fiction, cultural fiction, magical realism, and a few classics and non-fiction. Overall, I’m super happy with the genres I read and enjoyed this year!

Adult/YA books


66 out of 93 books I read this year were adult books, and the 28 remaining books were young adult. Which is both amazing and quite unsurprising. I think I’ve said over and over again on my blog that I don’t enjoy YA anymore and prefer reading adult, and I think it clearly shows in the kind of books I read last year. Almost every single book among my favorite books of the year are adult, which goes to show that I need to continue with this reading pattern this year too.

The authors I read in 2018


53 authors I read this year were new to me, whereas 19 authors were ones I had read before 2018. Here again, I can’t really comment much since I didn’t have any such goals regarding authors. I’m happy to have discovered amazing authors like Erin Morgenstern, Celeste Ng, Gail Honeyman, Brandon Sanderson, Margaret Atwood (and SO MANY MORE!) and also glad to have read more books by authors like Laini Taylor, V.E. Schwab and Haruki Murakami!

Finally, my star ratings


Super surprising, but I gave about 43 books a 4-star rating this year. I was honestly not expecting this, but I’m happy to see that I enjoyed almost 50% of the books I read this year. The next major chunk is for 3-star reads, which are all the average, mediocre books. As for 1 and 2 star ratings, I had about 4 and 8 books for those respectively, so clearly, I strongly disliked few books this year. And finally, for 5 star reads, I have 10 books that I absolutely loved!

Now, for some of my reading and blogging goals of 2019

I don’t have any rigorous or well-structured goals for the year, so I’m just going to briefly list everything I’m planning on doing for the year:

  • reduce my physical TBR by doing half-yearly TBR check-ins (check this post for further details)
  • read more books that genuinely interest me, rather than going with the hype
  • reread old favorites
  • read more classics and nonfiction
  • doing book-specific posts apart from writing reviews
  • quarterly TBRs and reading plans
  • blogging more discussion posts

Those are pretty much all the goals I have for the year. I haven’t made any hard-and-fast rule, nor have I explained the goals or gone into details, simply because I’m not very keen or serious about having goals this year. 2019 is going to be a difficult year for me in terms of my studies, college, and career goals, and I plan to focus more on those. Hopefully though, I have a great reading year along with it.

What about your end-of-the-year stats? What are your reading and blogging goals for the coming year? Do you stick to your goals strictly? Share below!

7 thoughts on “2018 Reading Year In Review + 2019 Reading and Blogging Goals

  1. I really enjoyed looking at your graphs, it put things in perspective. I’m happy you’ve discovered that you enjoy adult books and were introduced to so many new authors this year. Also, congratulations on 93 books, that’s amazing!
    While I never usually stick to my goals, I’m hoping to at least stick to my reading goal for the year, which I have set to be very low.
    Happy new year, hope you achieve all your goals 😀


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