Top 10 Best Things About Book Fairs + Some Book Fairs Happening Around You This Year!

Hey guys! I hope you all have been reading amazing books and are well and good ♥

I know I haven’t blogged in a while and honestly, I don’t think I can even come up with an explanation – this is just the norm for me now :/

Today though, I have a very exciting post for you guys! It’s all about book fairs! I live in India and as an international book blogger, I haven’t had the chance to attend a lot of book fairs. India does have some good book fairs but not too many. Today though, I’m here to talk to you about my favorite things in book fairs and ALSO, give you a list of international book fairs that are happening all around you this year!!

Without further ado, let’s get into the best things about book fairs!

There are books all around!


Do we even need another reason? There are books everywhere, all around. And it’s AWESOME. It’s pretty much like a dream because you see so much of the thing you love so much. For someone like me, who’s in college and thus does not have a lot of books in the teeny accommodation that I have here, anyplace with rows and shelves and piles of books is exciting.

Your chance to grab some new releases!


New releases are always exciting and book fairs are abundant with them. So many authors launch their books in book fairs, or simply sell their book in these fairs. There are also SO MANY ARCS to grab at book fairs – it’s insane. Publishing houses are pretty amazing to sell/give away ARCs of newly released/releasing books in fairs and it’s exciting!

So many authors everywhere


You bump into authors! There are so many authors attending book fairs, some you know of and some you don’t. I think the best thing about book fairs is that you get to discover so many new books and new authors. You might chance upon a discussion by some author and get interested and there! You’ve found your new favorite author. And never in any other event/place would you happen to find so many authors at the same place, right?

You get to ask authors to sign your books


Signed books are a luxury to us book lovers. We cherish them almost like a treasure, and there’s no place better than a book fair to get lots of books signed by authors. Like I said before, there are so many authors around and it is the perfect opportunity to get some books signed and even interact with the author you want to!


YASSSS whoever says no to free books!? So many publishing houses give away free books/samplers at book fairs to promote them, and it’s so amazing to get to have them!

Bookish people all around you


This. Is. Always. Amazing. I don’t have many real life friends who read books so I almost never have anyone to discuss and hype over books with. But then, book fairs exist! Bookish people all around you, with the same passion in their hearts. It’s absolutely amazing to meet so many people who love books as much as you do (maybe love even the same books!) and be able to get to meet them and connect with them is always, always a pleasure.

Fandom-specific things

There are many book fairs I’ve heard about where they do specific fandom-related things and have a lot of fun stuff around! So in case you’re a part of a fandom, you get to meet all these wonderful other people who share your love, and even get to take part in fandom-related activities!

Bookish merch

This kind of is in line with my previous point – but books are not the only things which are available at book fairs. Bookish and fandom merch is ABUNDANT and it’s always fun to buy and collect them. You get so many creative, beautiful, fandom/book-inspired stuff and it always feels great to browse through merch and get some good stuff!

Panels and discussions


If you’re someone like me, you cannot resist a good panel. I feel like book fairs conduct some great panel discussions and you always get something out of them. Some are educational, some are entertaining and sometimes you just end up discovering something new and interesting! And personally, I love listening to authors and their stories and whatever they have to say.


This, I can’t explain. You can only just feel ♥


I have an entire list of international book fairs – so basically, books fairs happening all around you! The list is up on Kotobee Blog and you can click on this to check out all the international book fairs happening around you this year!


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