The 30 books I read in the last 6 months…stuff I liked, disliked and the massive number of DNFs I had

Whew, this feels alien. I cannot imagine how long it has been since I’ve viewed a similar screen and sat down to write a similar post. It’s been ages but I’ve missed this. I’ve missed sitting and writing freely about the books I’ve reading and hearing about and reading all of your posts and being a part of the community. I’ve. Missed. This.

So today I’m not going into the details of where I’ve been the last 6 months – except just say that I have been crazy busy preparing for entrance examinations to postgraduate colleges as well as working on my applications for my Masters and working on my current undergraduate degree too. I haven’t blogged, yes, but I’ve also read very very very less. 30 books in 6 months isn’t a small number but I’ve still felt the lack of reading in my life and hopefully, I’ll get to set things back on track very soon!

[Also, extremely sorry but considering I read some of these books MONTHS ago, please excuse my rather forgetful mind for not exactly remembering what these are about…]

During these 6 months, I read a LOT of new releases…

35887567._sy475_This was the much-awaited second book by Angie Thomas, the author of The Hate U Give and this did not disappoint! I was actually surprised by how much I absolutely enjoyed this book – it’s this really engaging, inspiring story about Bree (the MC) who’s a budding rap artist and the challenges she has to face in her family life as well as her personal and societal interactions. It’s got the powerful voice which so resonated in THUG and I cannot wait to read more books by Angie Thomas!





I read these two stirring books, both highlighting various struggles fought by different characters and how they live and rise through their battles. The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls focuses on two young girls whose parents have been arrested and their lives following the event, whereas  A Woman Is No Man highlights women struggling through societal barriers of marriage, motherhood, family life and more. These books were poignant and impressive, and I highly recommend picking them up!

I also read a number of thrillers!! I read I Know Who You Are months ago and do not remember anything except not really liking it, but the rest of the books  – I read very recently and absolutely LOVEDMy Lovely Wife  is a crazy thriller about a couple which goes around killing random people and it is so, so good. Lock Every Door is Riley Sager’s newest release and it’s creepy and chilling and tells the story of a woman who moves into an apartment as a sitter and had some alarming incidents happen to her. The Turn of the Key is the story of a newly appointed nanny who moves into a house to take care of these creepy children and it is SO WELL DONE. As for The Silent Patient, which I just finished reading a couple of days ago, I’d highly recommend picking it up if you’re looking for a crazy plot twist!! It’s the story of a woman who murders her husband and stops speaking, and a psychologist who attempts to make her speak. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

I did have a couple of disappointing read too…The Priory of the Orange Tree, which everyone LOVED and raved about finally wore out on me and by the end of this MASSIVE book, I realised that I wasn’t enjoying it a lot. I hugely appreciate the diversity and the creativity of the book, but as a story, I didn’t end up enjoying it as much. When All Is Said is a book I picked up because the premise sounded great – it’s about an old man sitting in a bar and retelling his life story, his highs and lows – and it’s exactly the kind of thing I love. However, I couldn’t get into this book at all and ended up DNFing it.

I also read a mix of adult and YA contemporary…enjoyed some and didn’t really like others. The Flatshare is another hyped book which completely failed to impress me so much so that I ended up DNFing it. The Bride Test was an adult romance book which, though wonderfully diverse, was pretty average in terms the romance and the love story. I absolutely loved reading The Unhonemoonets by Christina Lauren..they’re becoming my favourite author duo!! I also picked up Fix Her Up, which is an extremely adult love story between these two people who enter into a fake relationship and that eventually turns into love.

I read two great young adult contemporary novels…I Wish You Were Here is the story of Ben who is thrown out of his house when he comes out to his parents as nonbinary and it’s such a powerful, moving story about friendship and family. Birthday is another extremely moving story about a transgender teenager who’s struggling with her identity and her relationships and it is so touching and heartwarming. I highly recommend picking up these two books!

I also managed to get to some backlist books..

I tried reading a number of adult literary fiction/contemporary but didn’t have too much luck with it…Books like A Man Called Ove and Swing Time have been anticipated by me since so long, but I barely enjoyed A Man Called Ove and ended up DNFing Swing Time. A Tale for the Time Being is another book I’ve been anticipating reading for a long time…but I picked it up at a very wrong time and ended up not finishing it. Beartown by Fredrick Bachman was an absolute wonder to read, it was moving, it was enthralling and it was so impactful. I also picked up After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Read but I barely remember it.

This is all the fantasy I read in the last 6 months..clearly I wasn’t too high on fantasy all this time. I finished the Mistborn trilogy and it was truly EPIC. I definitely need to catch up on his other books! I also finished the Red Rising trilogy and I absolutely loved it!

I did read a few more books – reread Pride and Prejudice and also read and loved the absolute masterpiece Bad Blood (the true story of a business tycoon who ended up cheating and lying the world).

So these were all the books I read…

I did have some major disappointments but I feel like I’ve read quite some bit and I’m happy with the reading I’ve done. I hope I read at least a few more books before the end of the year, but I have about 6 entrance exams coming up so I don’t know how much I will be able to read.

Let me know what books you guys have read! What books are you currently reading? I’d love to know what your opinions are on the books I just mentioned!

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