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Summer Biannual Bibliothon 2018 TBR

Another readathon I'm super hyped to participate! Hey guys! I'm back with a readathon TBR. I'm currently participating in the Tome Toppe Readathon and today is the last day of the readathon (a wrap-up will be coming extremely soon) and I'm gearing up to participate in another one! I'm just having super fun participating in all these… Continue reading Summer Biannual Bibliothon 2018 TBR

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TBR Check-In [July 2018]

So since it is the middle of the year, I decided to bring back a post I made at the beginning of the year. This is my tbr check-in. So at the beginning of the year, I made a post listing all the unread books that I have on my physical shelves I had then. I've said this a… Continue reading TBR Check-In [July 2018]

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July – September 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

Hey guys! I'm back with another [New Releases+TBR] post, this one for the months of July, August and September 2018. I do these posts every three months - I basically list the new releases of those months that I'm looking forward to, and also list a number of backlist books that I'm interested in reading in… Continue reading July – September 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

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Hi guys! I hope you're all doing great and reading amazing books :) I'm sorry for not posting for a week; I was vacationing in Europe and though I had imagined that I would have time for blogging during the trip, I was mostly just tired and sleepy whenever I was not out. SO YEAH,… Continue reading CRAMATHON Summer 2018 TBR

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May 2018 TBR ~ Reading Adult (well, mostly) Diverse Books by Asian American Authors

Hi guys! So for the month of May, I've decided to read books differently, as in, do a little something different and try to pick up diverse books, in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! I have my exams this month, so I know I'm not going to be able to read much, but I… Continue reading May 2018 TBR ~ Reading Adult (well, mostly) Diverse Books by Asian American Authors

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April – June 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

Hey guys! So today's Top Ten Tuesday topic asked us to list our spring TBR! I decided to merge this topic with one of the quarterly posts on my blog - the new releases + TBR post! At the beginning of every three months, I talk about the new releases coming out in those three months which I'm interested… Continue reading April – June 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

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Hey guys! How have you all been doing? I hope you've had a terrific January - and you have been reading good stuff! I have had an eventful start to the year, and I've been reading some amazing things. To make February even better, I've decided to participate in a readathon dedicated to Valentine's Day… Continue reading INLOVEATHON TBR ~ 2018

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5 Star TBR Pile Predictions – Round 1 Wrap Up and Round 2 TBR

Hey guys! So a few months ago, I did a post predicting my 5 star reads. As in, I picked a few books from my TBR pile which I deemed to be future 5 star reads to me. These were mostly books I was expecting a lot from. I don't give away 5 stars easily… Continue reading 5 Star TBR Pile Predictions – Round 1 Wrap Up and Round 2 TBR

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January – March 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

Hello guys!! We're officially into the New Year and I'm just so thrilled about it. You know why? Because of all these new releases. There are so many promising books coming out this year and I cannot help but feel pumped to read them all. Today I'm basically going to talk about my January to March TBR. This… Continue reading January – March 2018 [New Releases + TBR]

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Series I Finished, Want-to-finish and DNF’d – 2017

So last year, I made a post about series I had read, DNF'd and wanted to finish (2016 edition), and I'm doing the same for this year. I think I'll make this an yearly habit/post - it'll just help keeping track of all the series I pick up in an year. [Please read : I'm not including… Continue reading Series I Finished, Want-to-finish and DNF’d – 2017